Our favorite features for the 2022 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a true off-road icon, with a long history stretching back to its roots as a German military vehicle. He has since become popular with everyone from wealthy farmers to Kim Kardashian, but his all-terrain abilities have never diminished. It’s also very expensive to buy one today, with prices starting at $134,300. This puts it out of reach for most buyers, but for the lucky few who can pay the cash, it is one of the most versatile SUVs on the market.
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For 2022, not much has changed, but then that shouldn’t be surprising, as the G-Class has remained the same since it was first shown to customers in 1979. There are rumors of a small update to the G63 AMG engine and infotainment system will come later in the year. 2022, but other than that it looks like not much will change before the electric EQG arrives in 2024. So, 2022 Mercedes Benz The G-Class may be the ultimate off-roader legend. Let’s take a look at ten of its best features and find out why it’s still the king of an off-road SUV even after all these years.

8 timeless design

It’s testament to the original design of the G-Class that its exterior has remained largely the same since it was first launched. The iconic boxy shape is recognizable around the world, although the 2018 SUV saw a small facelift with a more integrated, streamlined design.

There haven’t been any changes since then, although it’s been reported that a minor facelift later this year may also bring revised taillights and rear bumpers. Either way, its design remains timeless, which is great for buyers who prefer keeping their cars on for longer.

7 hard construction

With so many modern SUVs being built on common car-derived platforms, the G-Class is a refreshing, old-school choice. It uses a traditional body-on-frame construction, built in much the same way as the original G-Wagens models of the ’70s and ’80s.
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Build quality has always been a selling point for the G-Class, as its military roots mean it’s as tough as nails even in its most luxurious specs. With competitors like the Land Rover Defender switching to a monocoque, the G-Class is now the last traditionally built SUV in its class.

6 Off-road Assist Technology

In addition to being simply capable of off-road driving, the G-Class does a great job of meeting the needs of a range of drivers. Seasoned off-road pros will appreciate the detailed monitoring systems and multi-mode traction and suspension settings, but the G-Class invites beginners, too.

Most car buyers aren’t likely to make much use of its all-terrain capabilities, because they are now more popular with urban celebrities than with their traditional clientele of farmers and rural workers. But, it’s still great to see that, although it probably won’t be, anyone wanting to try a remote track would be well equipped to do so.

5 water bearing capacity

With 27.9 inches of wading capacity, the G-Class is more water-friendly than most other off-road-focused SUVs. Of course, this is great for off-road enthusiasts, but it is also useful for city dwellers in a way that not many people think.

Some of the world’s most populous cities such as Jakarta in Indonesia suffer from regular flooding that can submerge city streets for days at a time. For more affluent city dwellers, purchasing a G-Class is a surefire way to ensure they can get to where they need to go even in the event of a flood or storm.

4 Luxurious interior design

Whether they’re wading through flooded city streets or stuck in traffic on a Los Angeles highway, occupants of the 2022 G-Class are kept in complete comfort at all times. In recent years, Mercedes has made more efforts than ever to make sure the SUV cabin is worth its six-figure price tag, and the result is predictably great.
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High-end Nappa leather seats are optional, although there is a traditional G-Class selection pattern. A fully digital instrument panel tells the driver everything they need to know, and is fully configurable to display a variety of readings and sensors.

3 Improved control on the road

With more buyers now living in urban areas than ever before, the G-Class has had to adapt to suit its new customers. As a result, the new G-Class is more refined and comfortable on long journeys than any previous generation of the car.

Its boxy design means there’s still more wind noise than many other luxury cars, and because it’s so tall, it doesn’t have the most grip of any SUV. But, for getting around town or cutting miles on the highway, that’s more than fun enough, and certainly a world away from the old G seasons.

2 4.0L AMG V8 Engine

Anyone wanting to get a little extra power out of a squared-off Mercedes can opt for the G63 AMG, which adds a 4.0-liter AMG V8 under the hood that’s good for 577 hp. The nine-speed automatic gearbox allows the G63 to be surprisingly responsive for such a large car, although let’s be clear, it is still far from sporty.
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It’s more expensive than the regular G-Class, with prices starting at around $160,000 and rapidly increasing once optional extras are added. But then, no one who buys this car won’t be alarmed by the price, as anyone looking for a 500-hp breadbox AMG obviously already has more cash than they’ll ever need.

1 Gradient climbing capabilities

Is there a steep hill on the acres of your property that most cars can’t overcome? Well, the G-Class will not be the least staging, it can climb up to a 45-degree angle, which is 100% gradient. This statistic has been backed up several times by official Mercedes stunts and even an engineering YouTube channel.

Its ability is due to its clever design, sticky tires and unique shape. It’s by far the most hill-capable SUV, as most of its competitors will be dangerously unstable trying to climb anything close to that kind of gradient. It’s just another feather in the roof of this excellent all-round SUV, which, despite its hefty price tag, remains a great value for those lucky enough to be able to afford one.

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