ORDINANCE NO: 615 AN ORDINANCE MODING – Park Rapids Enterprise

Order Number: 615 Order Adjustment Number Chapter 151: Zoning, from Park Rapids City Code (PARK RAPIDS CITY). has been deleted; And the sections which have been proposed to be renumbered are given below only in relation to their number and title): Section 1. The Park Rapids Code, Chapter 151.115: Additional Uses and Structures, has been deleted in its entirety and hereby modified as follows: § 151.115 Uses and Accessory Structures. (a) All Ancillary Structures must comply with the following standards: (1) A building permit for an additional structure may not be issued before a building permit has been issued for the main building to which it is attached, except for one annex structure which has a footprint. Its area does not exceed one hundred and twenty (120) square feet and it is not on a permanent basis that it may be allowed to be built before licensing the main building. (2) All outbuildings attached to the main building on a plot of land must be a structural part of it and must comply in all respects with the requirements of this chapter applicable to the main building. (3) Any structure attached to the dwelling shall not exceed 3000 square feet, without a conditional use permit. (4) The minimum slope of the roof of structures attached to the dwelling shall be 6/12, except as permitted by a conditional use permit. (5) No additions to non-conforming accessory structures are allowed. (b) Ancillary structures and uses in residential quarters shall comply with the following standards in addition to those in (a): (i) private garages in residential estates are intended for the storage of private passenger cars of the family residing in the building; No business, service or industry is carried out in it. There is an exception for home occupations that meet the requirements of § 151.146. (ii) All separate outbuildings must be located in the side or back yards. (3) The maximum area of ​​the separate auxiliary structure shall be based on the next batch to the proportion of the area of ​​the annex building: for every ten (10) square feet of the lot, one (1) square foot of the area of ​​the auxiliary building shall be permitted. (4) The maximum area of ​​the additional structure associated with the dwelling shall not exceed seventy-five (75) percent of the combined area of ​​the additional structure and dwelling (floors, corridors, and other unenclosed spaces shall not count toward the calculation of the combined footprint), except as permitted by the Conditional Use Permit. (5) If the area of ​​an extension structure connected to a dwelling exceeds sixty (60) percent of the combined footprint of the additional structure and dwelling (floors, balconies and other unenclosed spaces are not counted in the combined footprint) the following additional criteria shall apply to the entire combined structure, except as permitted Conditional Use Permit: a. Each wall of the compact structure shall have at least one exit window for every fifteen (15) full feet of wall length. B. The combined structure should use consistent architectural features such as, but not limited to, wainscoting, panel and paneling of sections of the wall, two-tone color schemes, residential design garage doors or other similar features throughout which ensure visual coherence with the residential character of the area. c. The roof edges shall extend at least eighteen (18) inches beyond the two longest walls of the building and twelve (12) inches beyond the other walls. (c) Ancillary structures and uses in commercial and industrial areas shall comply with the following standards: (i) Ancillary structures and uses may occupy any of the areas of the land that the main building is permitted to occupy, except as provided herein. (2) Parking guard buildings, gate buildings, transformer buildings, and other similarly used ancillary structures may or may not be located in front of the view triangle at road intersections. (3) Parking of cars and other vehicles in the front and side yards in Zones I-1 and B-1 is permitted provided a green belt is eight (8) feet wide and the entire length of the area used for parking (except where driveway roads are located). Section 2. Park Rapids Code, Chapter 151.147: Standards for Single Family Dwelling, is hereby amended as follows: § 151.147 Standards for Single Family Dwelling. The following criteria apply to all single-family housing units, unless specifically excluded. (a) The floor area of ​​single-family dwellings shall not be less than 800 square feet on the main floor. Attached garages, decks, porches, and other non-inhabitable spaces do not count toward the 800 square feet minimum. (b) All single-family housing units, with the exception of mobile homes in mobile home parks, must be attached to a permanent foundation with frost protection in accordance with the state building code. (c) All single-family housing units, with the exception of mobile homes in mobile home parks, must be at least 20 feet in width and comply with all ordinances, codes and building codes currently in force. Section 3. This Law shall take effect immediately upon its adoption and publication. Approved by the City Council of Park Rapids, Minnesota, on the 14th day of June 2022. (June 22, 2022) 74904

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