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Scott Christian, president of the Essex County Fair, discusses the exhibit as he inspects the fair floors. (Photo courtesy of Alvin Rayner/Price-Republican)

Westport – with the smell of fried bread. The lights buzz with the screams of the carnival rides; Tractors roaring, carneys and neighing horses, the 2022 Essex County Fair kicked off Wednesday.

Preparations are gone, said Scott Christian, president of the Essex County Fair “excellent.”

luau theme

far as the “Hawaiian Luau at the County Fair” Subject, Christian pointed out: “We thought about that to spice things up a bit. We also added a mullet and beard competition and had people paint a wrecking car. We have a lot of shows and the new thing is the championship.”

Two of the featured works, which run twice daily, are Logan’s Luau Tropical Review and Aquatic Acrobat Show. Logan’s Luau features comedic puppetry and performing animals such as pigs and goats. Variety of aerial and water stunts that include jumping, spinning and spinning are the basis of the water show.

Other daily activities include: bike and backpack gifts at 3 p.m.; displays the local farm; Bossy 4H Bingo Shooting sport, archery and a variety of equestrian events.

In honor of Beckham

The exhibit is dedicated to Beckham Eaglefield, a Bukit Valley student who died in a snowmobile accident last winter.

According to his mother, Terry Eaglefield, posted on Facebook: “Those closest to Beck can tell you that Beck was a bit of a addict. He loved the Essex County Fair. He loved the engines, the noise, rides and games, the endless wanderings with friends, the Oreos The frying pan, an Egglefield Ford screen so he could store his stuff in the trunk of a car, but most of all, the demolition derby.

“Ironically, the first year I went to the show with Beck, I was in the derby, and I thought it was so cool that his dad’s girlfriend crashed a car in the derby. Best of all, my car was number 22 (Beckham’s sports uniform number).”

A not-for-profit fund BEK1ND, Inc has been set up in Beckham’s memory to provide scholarships, equipment, and apparel to Bukit Valley Central School students, athletes, and clubs.

It runs until Sunday

The Essex County Fair runs through Sunday, August 21.

Admission is $10, which includes parking, rides, and most shows. Wednesday is Seniors Day and Thursday is Veterans Appreciation Day with a $2 discount.

For additional information, including regulations and a full schedule of events, go to:

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