Only 4 New York Mets have ever done this

The excitement of getting that call that you’re going to the big leagues is so special. When you’re lucky enough to have mom, dad, and your family in the stands, that’s great too. Then add that you are playing for an organization in the first place, trying to hold off the defending world champions in their court and you will start from third base. Well, the butterflies in your stomach are the size of horses.

Now, your team is leading 2-0 at the top of second place with a runner. Butterflies in your stomach have grown to the size of elephants. You have work to do. All that other stuff shouldn’t matter, not now that you’re on the plate. You take a powerful swing when you break the pitch from the opposing team’s All-Star bowler and knock it down. Oh man, that ball is flying over the right player’s head. Your mom, dad, family and friends get on their feet and start screaming.

While running below baseline one, you just can’t believe what’s going on. The ball you hit lands on the right field bench. You can believe it. You just had a home run on your first bet as a Major League Baseball player. You’re approaching second and looking up at the stands with your mom and dad hugging and crying with pure happiness. Your family and friends have their phones unlocked to record every move you make as you spin around the rules.

You step on the home plate to enjoy a little cheer in the visiting stadium but head back to your new team dugout for a more than enthusiastic welcome to your now teammates full of MLB stars, embracing and cuddling you. After all the balls, batting lessons, travel games, countless hours of conditioning and hard work, you’ve arrived. You are a major league baseball player and will forever be in the history books with a very small group by hitting your goal in your first major league game. That was the New York Mets’ third baseman, Brett Patty, on Wednesday.

Brett Battie joined Benny Ayala (1974), Mike Fitzgerald (1983), Kaz Matsui (2004), and Mike Jacobs (2005) as the only New York Mets to achieve major home success in their first major league game. He described his enthusiasm for’s Anthony DiComo, who was at The Drive with Charlie & Dan on Wednesday. “Just pure joy. To be able to help this football club in my first encounter, then to find my family there and see my family there and be able to celebrate it with them? Just pure fun for sure.” Very pleasant. It’s every Little Leaguer’s dream come true.

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