Ohio State QB CJ Stroud wants revenue sharing after Big Ten media rights deal

Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud is backing revenue sharing after this week’s Big Ten media rights deal, a massive seven-year partnership with several major television networks valued at nearly $1.2 billion. Stroud, who has signed several name, image and likeness deals, wants to see student-athletes pick up some of that money.

Stroud said via USA Today, “I definitely think it should be shared, but if not, at the end of the day, we have the NIL space. We can do it this way. The new college world is changing, and I’m here for it.”

Several outlets have reported that the Big Ten expansion comes with a new media rights deal, including the athlete And the work network, among other things. Brett McMurphy of The Action Network reports that there is an “escalation clause” in the agreement calling for upwards of $10 billion in value if the Big Ten expands. How can this look still to be seen, but Conference Add more teams are still on the front burner of college football This summer after the USC and UCLA decided to leave the Pac-12 before the 2024 season.

In the coming years, the Big Ten’s revenue splits are expected to exceed $110 million per show. Stroud says a portion of that revenue should go to players.

“This game is great, especially in the college atmosphere, because it has real amateurs,” Stroud said. “This is definitely a plus. But at the same time, I’m not 100% sure what our tuition fees are, but I’m sure it’s not worth what we actually deserve. My mother always asked me to know my worth.”

Stroud signed one of the most notable deals by a college football player earlier in the year as he landed a contract With Sarchione Auto Show That originally netted him a $150,000 Bentley. In fact, Stroud chose a $200,000 Mercedes G-Wagon, in what he called a “matchday decision.” According to Front Office Sports. Stroud is allowed to exchange vehicles every 45 days. For Stroud’s role in the deal, he will be tasked with promoting the show on social media and making public appearances at the appropriate agency.

Stroud’s Ohio State teammate Jackson Smith-Nigegba said earlier this summer that players’ compensation makes sense across the board.

“You know,[it lets you]have a little money in your pocket and something you deserve — it changes things dramatically,” Smith Ngigba said. “You don’t have to call Mom or Dad and say ‘Hey, I need my expenses.’ You can look for people, said CJ. It was a blessing and it came at the right time.”

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Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren For CBS Sports in July His league was “not actively targeting” others in expansion. In the big ten days of the media, More than thirty players Address further reorganization and the schools they would like to add to the conference.

Dean Strica contributed to this report.

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