Not the least: a WhatsApp status you left idle at a car dealership

A woman named Maria denounced this through social networks rejected in a Car Agents For her feminist ideology. A day after starting work, the manager saw his Whatsapp status and asked him not to come since then He was entering into a “too manly” environment..

“Maria, hello. Sorry, but I’ll be honest. I saw your status “Not less than that”, you are a green scarf (sic) and you are going to a very rowdy environment (car dealer). there Boys always make jokes that you take very sensitivelyAll for Hell,” begins the message the woman received.

She had had a successful job interview and was selected for the position of administrative secretary, but the salon manager thought it wasn’t a good idea. He followed this up by explaining the decision in a text message:

“If we say ‘Good morning,’ you believe and you think ‘He wants to fuck me.’ If we say ‘What can I help you with’ then you think ‘This is offensive.’ So I’d rather find another style for a woman, what would it be for you–anyone oppressed by the patriarchy‘ the man wrote.

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before you tell “Don’t start tomorrow”, The president apologized and made it clear (or attempted) that he thought he made the best decision to avoid future problems.

“Excuse me but I know how to avoid future conflicts and make you suffer from future hatred of these men I have, and you certainly feel they are unjust chauvinists.”

Undoubtedly, this is a serious case of discrimination. The president chose the laziest path: Instead of training his employees on gender issues and asking them to respect the thoughts and feelings of his new colleague, he asked her not to start work.

She was fired from the agency for her “provocative” outfit.

In another case of discrimination at a car dealership, a Canadian woman named Caitlin Bernier said she was fired because of her “inappropriate” clothing. From the company, Alberta Honda, they justified her dismissal for the inconvenience her clothes caused in managers.

Caitlin released a strong statement on her Facebook account, explaining what happened: “I went to work and sat at my desk, where an employee immediately greeted me. She had a jacket in her hand and said, ‘Do you know your shirt is see-through?’ You should wear this jacket or go home and change. Then she said The male managers were uncomfortable with what he was wearing They asked him to tell him to change me or cover up for me,” he revealed.

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