Not a Single Toyota SUV Cracked These Top 3 Rankings

SUVs are among the most popular vehicles in the world. Anyone looking for a safe, reliable, family hauler will find use in a spacious two or three-row SUV. However, some are better than others. Toyota‘s models have dominated sales figures for many years and gained love from many consumers. However, for the 2022 model year, not a single Toyota SUV cracked these top three rankings from Edmunds.

Edmunds’ doesn’t have a single Toyota SUV in its top 3

2022 Toyota RAV4 hybrid side view by a snowy mountain | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

Experts at Edmunds ranked SUVs in just about every category you can think of. Extra small, small, small three-row, midsize, three-row, large, then various luxury and performance models. There are many excellent options out of the standard models (excluding luxury and performance). However, it’s surprising that not a single Toyota SUV appears in the top three. How did such a popular brand lose to three or more other models in every category?

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