Next-generation Fiat Panda will get an all-electric variant in 2023

With Fiat announcing that an all-electric version of the Next-Generation 500 is gearing up to enter production in the second quarter of next year, it looks like the next-generation Panda could be electrified as well.

recent report from Autocar He claims that the all-new Panda should drop in 2021 and that the Panda EV will hit the market two years later.

According to the report, the electric vehicle will be paired with additional modular battery packs to keep prices affordable, similar to the Centoventi concept pictured that the automakers unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Centoventi Concept’s powertrain features an upgradeable interchangeable battery pack. Buyers will be able to add up to three battery cells after purchase to extend driving range.

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“Fiat has a dual mission,” said Olivier Francois, CEO of Fiat. Autocar. “Urban mobility is essential today, but at the same time it means family transport. In southern Europe, this is especially true.”

Maximum battery packs, 5 units, would allow the Centoventi to hike up to 310 miles while one could take it 62 miles.

The next generation of pandas will also look like Centoventi, according to the CEO. Fiat plans to reduce its lineup to a few models based on the 500 and Panda as they will look to stop making sports cars, as well as larger or premium vehicles. The focus will be shifted to urban mobility and family transportation.

“For our future product plan, we need the right balance between the two dimensions: the Fiat 500 family and family transport. There will be no big cars, no luxury cars, no sports cars because they lack legitimacy,” added François.

“We will be present at Part C [Ford Focus class] But not much more than that. All models will be in the 3.5m and 4.5m range. This is where Fiat will play. We need more electric vehicles. And we need more 500 models that look legitimate enough for higher pricing.”

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