New Haryana Society Building: A proposal against Chandigarh master plan, says body of architects

The Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), Chandigarh Chapter, has expressed grave concern over the proposal to construct a new Haryana Society Building in Chandigarh.

Senior staff of the authority wrote a letter to the Union Home Minister, the senior ministers of Haryana and Punjab, and a Utah official, stating that the proposed building was a clear violation of the city’s master plan and that any such move would be nothing but a repair. With unique Chandigarh personality.

In September last year, due to lack of sufficient space and disagreements with Punjab, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar raised the demand for a separate Vidhan Sabha building with the Union Home Minister.

Recently, Haryana spokesperson Gyan Chand Gupta said the Chandigarh administration had agreed to allocate a 10-acre site to the Haryana government for the building. Among the proposed sites are a plot of land on the right side of the road from the railway station light point to IT Park, a plot of land in IT Park and another across from Kalagram in Manimagra.

In a press conference held at Chandigarh Press Club on Wednesday, SD Singh, President of IIA, Chandigarh Chapter, said that the idea of ​​creating a new Vidhan Sabha would be against the Chandigarh master plan and could spark significant criticism internationally, adding that they had asked the authorities to consider several Other options in their letter.

Surinder Bhaga, former head of the Chandigarh-Punjab chain, said the Chandigarh master plan was originally prepared by Swiss-born French architect Le Corbusier. The government of Punjab at that time followed it in letter and spirit. Later, Chandigarh Department of Urban Planning prepared revised Chandigarh Master Plan – 2031 and approved by Chandigarh Department and Union Home Ministry.

“The proposal to build a separate Vidhan Sabha within the city limits on a different site is a complete violation of both the original and modified master plans. It would destroy Corbusier’s concept of city planning,” Bahja said.

Le Corbusier compared the Chandigarh Plan to a human body in which the Capitol complex, consisting of the Secretariat, the Supreme Court and the Assembly Hall, was the head of the human body. If Haryana added a new assembly hall, Chandigarh would have two heads! ” He said.

Sanjay Goel, President of IIA, Punjab Chapter, who was also present at the press conference, suggested alternatives: “The Haryana government could build its own new capital on a suitable site located in the center of Haryana, which is easily accessible to the people of the state. It can be The other option is that the Haryana government is only building a capitol complex on the outskirts of some of the existing cities.”

“Also, based on the factual data of the Government of Haryana on space requirements, efficient space planning can be explored with some minor changes (in the current location). A series of low-rise extensions have been added on the back side of the High Court to deal with the increasing demands. Some low-rise structures on the back side of the existing assembly hall.

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