New book showcases Flow Communications and Flow Travel as South African innovators

Ann Kirkpatrick, publisher of Innovate South Africa, Sarah-Jane Felgon, Head of Business Unit at Flow Communications, Tara Turkington, CEO of Flow Communications and Flow Travel, and Nadia Moore, Head of Marketing at Flow Communications

The beautifully designed and informative publication is an initiative of Innovations of the World and is published by Global Village Publishing.

Also available as an e-book and online platform, Create South Africa The publication showcases “the local innovators and innovation enablers who are changing the landscape across South Africa,” according to the publication.

Tara Turkington, CEO of Flow Communications and Flow Travel says, “We are honored to have our two sister companies celebrated and featured in this wonderful book as South African innovators, alongside our clients such as Hollard and Wesgro.

“While improving our clients’ bottom line is often of paramount importance, we see the value we deliver on so much more. At Flow, we believe in working with great people, in work we love, and work that will make the world a better place – which speaks volumes. About our goals and values. We believe in integrity and work with our clients to make a positive difference and continue to innovate to make it happen.”

Flow Communications at Innovate South Africa

Flow Communications feature in Create South Africa

Flo is passionate about delivering value through marketing and communications services that meet clients’ specific needs. This includes brand equity, reputation building, stakeholder engagement, thought leadership, public relations, digital design and development, compelling content, and much more.

The company’s first base was a spare room in a Turkington home in 2005. Since then it has grown fast and strong. Today, Flow is staffed by a team of over 60 qualified and experienced professionals – 70% of whom are women – across South Africa. It also boasts a Tier 1 B-BBEE rating and has won over 85 industry awards.

Flow is a fully remote company, a strategic move it took shortly before the global Covid-19 shutdown. As a result, the agency not only comfortably transitioned into the enclosed world, but thrived where others suffered. She also helped her clients do the same.

Flow’s wide range of clients includes travel and tourism organizations, education and financial services, and in the governmental, non-governmental and environmental fields. Her work is not limited to business in South Africa only – she boasts a growing number of international clients and is also registered as a trading company in the United States.

“We provide each of our clients with personalized attention, backed by team problem-solving. As a result, we build close, long-term relationships with our clients. Our digital agility allows us to take our clients and serve them literally on the other side of the world,” says Tiffany Turkington Palmer, Managing Director of Flow.

Flow Travel was founded in 2018 when Tara Turkington was at a Women Presidents Organization conference in Orlando, US, where a group of American entrepreneurs asked her if she would help them discover South Africa.

Turkington-Palmer believes Flow Travel is the perfect addition to Flow Group Holdings, along with Flow Communications: “The flow is inherently turbulent, and we are always looking for new opportunities and new ways to do things. And just as with marketing and communications, travel is in our blood.” .

Flow Travel focuses on creating personalized travel experiences for discerning people, specializing in personalized travel in Africa and beyond, including India, the Far East, Europe and the Americas. So, when traveling with Flow Travel, you won’t be visiting Argentina just to see the tango – you will learn it for yourself. Or you’ll discover Vietnam through an immersive food tour. Or you’ll visit the Cradle of Humankind with a paleontologist who helped discover a new species of hominin.

Click here to read the e-book and learn how to order a hard copy.

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