New book: Auto Sales Marketing

The cover of Richard Halby’s “Car Dealership Marketing” is a must-read for car dealers facing the challenges of the new market

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Richard Halby, a veteran marketer and business executive who has been involved in the auto industry for many years, recently released his new book, Auto Dealer Marketing. Here, Halby talks about the unique challenges that auto dealers have to face today and how they can deal with such obstacles, stay afloat, and avoid losing their business.

Business owners need to know car dealership marketing and plan accordingly. Each agency must set achievable goals, formulate strategies, and create and implement customized marketing plans to effectively reach and engage their audience. Frequency and sequence should be considered in marketing programmes. The results should be tracked, measured, analyzed and adjusted according to the market response.

Halbe stresses the importance of maintaining a strong online presence and enhancing customer experience. Car dealers need to pay attention to the types of media they use to communicate with their audience. They should harness the power of social media marketing and use it to their advantage, especially now that the different platforms at their disposal already have the data and insights needed for targeted ads, promotions, and other types of content.

Aside from maintaining a laser sharp focus on marketing, car dealership owners must also provide above-average general and excellent customer service to remain competitive.

Halby says that the focus of today’s merchants should be on retaining existing customers and attracting/satisfying new customers, not just acquiring potential customers. This can only be achieved if car dealerships have a solid car marketing strategy tailored to their audience and up to date.

Most importantly, they must be prepared for further innovations and changing trends that will test the resilience of their business. Halbe anticipates shifts in vehicle ownership and further growth in time-sharing or part-ownership arrangements and ride-sharing apps such as Uber, among others.

The book covers specific topics affecting car dealerships that are discussed in the following sections:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Traditional marketing is dying
  • social community participation
  • Social Media Marketing – Have a Strong Social Media Presence
  • Digital Marketing – Getting Leads
  • Transform your business online
  • trends

There are more ideas and gems to learn in this exciting new book, so car dealers better get their hands on a copy ASAP.

For more information on Richard Halby’s book, Auto Dealer Marketing, please see it on Amazon.

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New book: Auto Sales Marketing

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