New answers raise new questions in 2021 Double murder near Moab

Moab, Utah New answers brought new questions Thursday in the 2021 double murder case.

Kaelen Schulte and Crystal Turner were found shot and killed near La Salle Mountain Loop Road in the mountains outside town last August.

On Wednesday, nearly nine months later, the office of the Greater County Sheriff publicly identified Adam Pinkosevich as a suspect, stating that he was a former classmate of Turner who was in La Sals and Moab at the time of the murders and that he left mentions shortly after the killings and “Recently received information” that before committing suicide, Pinkusiewicz told someone that he had killed two women and provided information known only to investigators.

Sharif also revealed that MPs had located and confiscated a 2007 Toyota Yaris from Pinkusiewicz.

On Thursday, two women connected to the case questioned the timing of the announcement and whether it could be released sooner.

The suspect named in the Grand Lachult County double murders

“There are still a lot of questions we ask the mayor’s department,” LD Green told KSL 5. “When did they discover the confession? When did they find out about the suicide? When did they seize the car?”

For Green, it was in part about feeling safe in the community she calls home. She said a lot of people had been worried for months at the idea of ​​a killer somewhere.

“This was a horrific hate crime,” Green said, who said she learned additional context about Pinkusiewicz from those who worked with him. “He has been very open about his homophobic views.”

For Cindy Sue Hunter, it was about feeling as if investigators’ scrutiny had been directed at her as recently as last month.

“They served me with a warrant,” said Hunter, who now lives in Arizona. “I said, ‘I don’t understand, why do you need to take my phone,’ and they said, ‘Because you are a suspect in the murder.’”

Hunter said she faced some intense questioning, too.

“They say my story kept changing,” Hunter said. “It’s like, ‘My story never changes. They tell me how much time they and the police department, or the FBI, spend listening to every interview and reading every interview I’ve done and that my story is constantly changing. The mountain.” It was summer and I go there two to three times a week on average to walk my dogs.

It also appears that the investigators were interested in the photographs that Hunter took of the crime scene.

“They said I posted pictures of the crime scene and I said, ‘I shared those pictures, yeah,’” Hunter said.

As of Thursday, Hunter said investigators had neither returned her phone nor contacted her since the previous confrontation.

“So you told me why are they claiming I’m a suspect when they found out he did it?” Emotional hunter said. “I just don’t understand what’s going on.”

Help Dog the Bounty Hunter investigate the Moab murders

She and Green wondered if the timing of the suspect’s announcement was in any way related to Duane Chapman’s visit – better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter – this week to highlight the case as well as a billboard recently installed on the outskirts of Moab.

“It seems very comforting that Dog the Bounty Hunter would show up and get ‘dirty’ with Moab and their investigations in full and miraculously come up with a killer,” Hunter said.

Multiple attempts to reach the mayor on Wednesday and Thursday — including phone calls, text messages, and a personal visit to the greater county mayor’s office — resulted in no response.

Greene said women in particular in the community in and around Moab have ongoing trust issues with law enforcement.

“These are all examples of why,” Green said. “There are a lot of questions we have.”

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