Mysterious photography spreads on Bridge Street in Glasgow outside Lauriston Bar

The streets of Glasgow may appear in a new film Seen increases outside the famous Glasgow pub once again.

Last week, we reported on a mysterious production seen outside The Lauriston, on Bridge Street.

Film and Television Unit vehicles were also seen on Nelson Street.

It was not clear what was filmed and now crews have once again taken over the area.

Cameras and spotlights were seen on Friday evening on Bridge Street outside the legendary bar.

Several old cars as well as double-decker London buses and a black taxi were parked on both sides of the road, which were closed to traffic to allow for filming.

Several old cars, a London double-decker bus and a black box were parked on Bridge Street.

Glasgow times:

Some of the businesses opposite The Lauriston have been converted into a cinema, and the entire street is decorated with old-fashioned street furniture, from street boxes to posters and telephone boxes.

Glasgow Times: Business on Bridge Street has been turned into a cinema.The Bridge Street business has been converted into a cinema.

Glasgow times:

Glasgow Times: The street is decorated with old posters, boxes and telephone boxes.The street is decorated with old posters, chests and telephone boxes.

Old advertisements were painted on the wall overlooking the pub.

Glasgow Times: Old advertisements appeared on the wall overlooking the Lauriston Museum.Old advertisements appeared on the wall overlooking The Lauriston.

There were a number of production cars parked near Norfolk Street.

It also emerged that filming was taking place outside and inside the Lunch Box Café, which had been converted into a “Sunrise Cafe” for the film’s set.

Glasgow Times: The Norfolk Street Lunch Box Café has been transformed into "Sunrise Café" for photography.The Norfolk Street Lunch Box Café has been converted into a Sunrise Photography Café.

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Glasgow has seen a number of products arrive in the city in recent months.

In April, film crews were seen filming a number of scenes in the movie Borderland, which is set in 1970s London and follows an IRA, with dozens of vintage cars, red phone boxes and double-decker buses.

Glasgow Times: A London double-decker bus is parked on Bridge Street.A London double-decker bus is parked on Bridge Street.

Filming for Batgirl also took over downtown at the start of the year, with a number of Hollywood stars filming on set including Leslie Grace, Michael Keaton, and JK Simmons.

Earlier this year, The Glasgow Times reported that The Lauriston had also debuted on a record vinyl cover of Album Club’s first LP.

It was created by members of the Recording Club during the first shutdown.

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Musician Michael John McCarthy – better known as MJ – said they put The Lauriston on the cover because it holds a special place in his heart.

He said: “It reminds me of my favorite pubs in Ireland.

“The hospitality is incredible.

“I’ve been going for 10 years now.

“They do a better pint of Guinness in Glasgow.

“It’s a great community of people and probably the friendliest pub in town.”

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