Money saving tips for motorists

Are you looking for a stack of tips to save money in a jiffy? Here are our quick economic tips, covering everything from parking to loyalty cards.

Most are auto related, but some can save you money on all kinds of expenses. From cashback hacks to a way to win hundreds – or even thousands – of a runway patch (yes, really), the following tips cover a large area in no time at all.

Save on car insurance

Quote yourself happy

Don’t blindly accept your annual insurance renewal quote; Shop around and be sure to include your current provider in your search. Loyalty isn’t always held in high esteem, which is why the renewal price may be more than what you paid last time. It’s also worth claiming some good old bargains if the renovation isn’t impressive.

say my name (D)

Adding a less risky driver to your policy can result in a decent reduction in the premium – even if the person in question is not driving the car. Conversely, if a named high-risk driver is raising the price, should it be?

Insurance that rewards

Some price comparison sites, including and Compare the Market, offer rewards when you search and get car insurance through them, such as two-for-one movie tickets. Just make sure the price you offer is as cheap as going directly with the provider.

Rescue on the way

cunning plan

Plan carefully to take the most economical route for your vehicle, which will vary depending on the type of powertrain you have. Be sure to select the cheapest gas stations (which means avoid highway service stations) or the best charging destinations for electric vehicle drivers.

Foot whitening lead

Adapt your driving style to save fuel. Avoid rapid acceleration and heavy braking by anticipating traffic, and consider lowering the cruising speed to 60 mph, which could increase efficiency by 10 percent on its own in combustion cars, and even more so for electric vehicles.

All on the savings train

Barcopedia is a great resource for finding cheaper parking, especially at railway stations. Less expensive alternatives may not be too far off, as enterprising nearby landowners often attempt to undermine the station’s formal parking.

fuel for thought

Use to find the cheapest local filling stations, but don’t get too far out of your way or you’ll burn all your savings into wasted fuel. You can search by your current or future location, as well as check regular and premium petrol and diesel prices. Also, be sure to avoid highway filling stations, with high fuel prices on them, like the plague.

Don’t pay a premium

For most modern cars, the benefits of premium lead-free packaging – in terms of fuel economy and performance – are negligible. Save yourself about 10p a liter and go for the normal stuff; Just remember that older cars will suffer at the hands of the E10, so an unleaded E5 might be your only option. In the meantime, a premium diesel can do a good job of cleaning the fuel system, so it may be worth using it only every 1,000 miles or so.

Prepare your car to save

Make sure your vehicle is set up to be as economical as possible. Did you remove unnecessary goods? Are all tires inflated at the recommended pressures? Don’t be tempted to over-inflate it, as that will also hurt the economy and cause uneven tire wear that may force you to replace your rubber prematurely. Also, has the service schedule been adhered to? Regular maintenance will also enhance the efficiency of your vehicle.

Sharing means caring

Reduce the cost of your commute and help the environment with a service like Liftshare. This matches you with others taking the same trip at the same time, allowing you to travel together and share costs.

Save on a new car

Don’t be alarmed by the rental contract

If you intend to pay for your car monthly, shop for the best deal, so that your monthly installments are as low as possible. Various factors affect the PCP’s monthly lease and payments.

Harness the power of sausage

Instead of being the first owner of the car, consider being the last owner of the car; Buy a used but cheap car and keep it for as long as possible. You might be surprised at how modern – and reliable – a car you can buy for so little money.

Measurement matters

That big car while you’re driving may not be as useful as it used to be. For example, if your kids left the house or maybe it was too big in the first place. By downsizing, you should be able to enjoy lower operating costs.

fleet trim

Ask yourself if you really need more than one car. A greater reliance on hourly walking, cycling, and car rental services may allow you to be content with fewer vehicles.

Save on maintenance, spare parts and repairs

Get your hands dirty

Save on garage bills by taking on some jobs yourself. Even if you start with a simpler job – consider changing the bulbs – the savings can be significant. The more confident you are, the more you can handle jobs like changing the oil and filter.

car calendar

Use a free service like Google Calendar to set up alerts throughout the year for things like MoT, services, and more. Forgetting any of these, after all, could end up being costly in terms of fines and mechanical stress.

Pre-Ministry of Commerce test checks…

There are many disadvantages where your vehicle may fail the MoT test and it is easy to classify them yourself. Take a closer look at the full list of what the Ministry of Communications covers and see what you can check and correct (lights and scanners) before heading to the test center.

…and choose wisely

Continuing with the Ministry of Communications tests, consider using the Ministry of Communications station operated by the Council. These establishments only perform the tests themselves, not any of the repair work. So they have no use in your car failing unfairly as an unscrupulous independent garage.

Get your rubber for less

Use sites like when replacing tires to save money while still getting the best possible products in your budget, and take advantage of offers on certain brands.

Save by shopping smart

Perks at work

Check auto-related bonuses offered by the employer; You may be able to get a discount/free breakdown coverage or a low interest car loan. If the selection disappoints, use tools like employee feedback surveys for feedback and hopefully improve the offer even further.

money for nothing

Use cashback sites like Quidco on as many of your auto expenses, and all other purchases, as possible. These will give you small amounts of cashback paid either directly into your bank account or as shopping vouchers.


Loyalty programs are supposed to bring you back to the same organization over and over again. Instead, just sign up for every program you might end up using – if you’re spending the money anyway, you might as well get something, and those rewards build up nicely over time, depending on how often you visit.

house of paper

Another way to get rewards is through certain credit cards that provide cashback, air miles and more to users. Use it for all expenses—cars or otherwise—but treat it like a debit card and set up a direct debit to pay the full amount owed each month.

Coupon Codes

Before checking out a basket of cars or other goods online, always look carefully for the coupon. You may find that the retailer you use gives a discount when you sign up for a newsletter, for example.

Shopping expert

Use the product test archives of to find the best value accessories. Next, use services like Google Shopping and the browser plug-in Honey to set the lowest possible price.

get together

Look at car organizations you can join to save money. Halfords recently launched its own Motoring Club, for example, while current and former civil servants and public sector workers can join Boundless by CSMA.

Save on delivery

Get money from the government

Government grants for electric vehicles are fading, unfortunately, but those who live in rental properties and apartments with off-street parking can still claim to pay up to £350 on in-home installation via the EV charging grant.

No charge for charge

Use services like Zap-Map to find free electric vehicle charging facilities wherever you go – malls can be especially good for this. You might not get more than 7kW, but if you’ve been driving around for a few hours, you’ll hopefully leave with a decent mileage boost for little or no expense.

Ingredients as often as possible

Many are attracted to plug-in hybrids because of their relatively low BiK numbers, but it would be foolish to save money solely on the tax breaks these models bring. Getting as much power as possible may mean that you rarely need to use your PHEV’s internal combustion engine. On the other hand, if you run one and the battery is empty, the fuel economy will be poor.

More ways to save…

Let your trail earn its profit

A backup trail spot? Consider renting it through a service like Your Parking Space or Just Park – the first £1,000 of annual profit from this will be tax free. In more built-up areas, particularly in London near large public transport hubs, it can bring in thousands a year.

AirBnB (for cars)

It can probably be a little intimidating, but there are services, like Turo, that allow you to treat your car like AirBnB, and rent to others for a reasonably good return.

Make your parking fine disappear…

You have nothing to lose by challenging a parking fine, and a lot to gain. Look online for guides on how best to challenge if you think it has been unfairly released.

…but was it already a parking fine?

In this matter, you technically do not need to pay a fee from a private parking company at all – these are often effective invoices, not notifications of fines, although they are often presented as the latter.

Reduce tax pain

Pay car tax annually and save. Those who pay the most to save – buying annually is £63 cheaper than two single six-month payments for 2001-2017 cars in the most polluting tax range. The difference between paying annually and paying every six months or monthly by direct debit is not very large, at just over £30.

human power

Do not need to go away? Consider walking or biking – the difference in flight time may not be as great as you think. You may arrive faster than driving when the traffic is heavy, and get some exercise.

Go completely without cars

Some – especially in urban areas – may be able to dispense with a car if walking, cycling and using public transportation prove to be suitable alternatives. We at Auto Express consider this a last resort, of course!

Click here for our step-by-step guide on vehicle operating costs…

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