Modern house design in Limason can be your inspiration

The modern design of Limasson House looks quite unique, even able to make the atmosphere cool for its residents.

Meanwhile, one of the features of this type of pyramidal house is the roof that takes the form of a pyramidal space.

Meanwhile, room design is usually done in the design department open space With wooden walls.

However, who would have thought that the modification of the typical Javanese limason house is increasingly spreading and has begun to develop into a trend of its own.

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Limason’s modern house designs that are no less amazing than other models

As we already know, there are many types of traditional houses in Java with their own characteristics. Limasan House is one of the most famous and popular traditional Javanese houses.

Because this type of traditional and modern house has many advantages such as the ability to reduce earthquakes.

Although Limasan is considered a traditional home, it turns out that there are actually many people who are interested in the home.

Well, this Limason House concept is the result of a cross between traditional Javanese dwellings with modern concepts. Although it looks traditional, the facade of a house like this uses walls that are actually made of cement.

So that it can make this kind of house more attractive and luxurious in appearance.

Of course, the design is able to add a strong and unique impression compared to other homes.

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Jokes Limason Tragumas

The first modern limason house design is limason trajumas lavacan and it could be the best choice for everyone. This is because Trajumas House has been modified and is in development to become the Trajumas Locken model.

So this Trajumas House joke doesn’t make much difference to Trajumas Limasson. One quite obvious difference is the addition of bells around the house building.

So the bell aka ampere is designed with a different angle of inclination compared to the main roof of the building.

Meanwhile, the Limason model also has four sides and each side is made of two layers, which are then attached to a flange.

The support itself is in the form of a column with a total of 20 columns. It is useful as the main structure of a hierarchical house building.

Limasan Semar Tenandu

The following modern Limason house design is Semar Tinandhu Limasan which is one type of interesting house.

Well, this type of Limasan house has a sloping roof, supported by four columns.

Use a beam aka mixer in the middle so that the Braunjung roof rests on the main shaft.

16 columns, then 3 auxiliary columns and 4 main columns were used in this pyramidal building.

In addition, the appearance of the roof in the pyramid house of Simar Tenando is also not much different from other buildings.

Because the roof has four sides of the roof, with 4 arms hanging around the building and 1 wuvungan.

Usually stronger types of Javanese wood such as teak, mahogany, rosewood and jackfruit are used. So he can make it better and stronger.

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Elephant mouthwash

This modern Limason home design has an addition that acts as an overhang. When you look at Gajah Ngombe’s house plans, there will be an additional overlay on the shorter side.

This is to accommodate the overall appearance of the building. In addition, the Ngombe elephant house also uses more than 6 Saka columns.

Usually, the skew pole is also used according to the room size. Even Limasan Gajah Ngombe complete with vuvung, four dudur and four sides of the balcony.

On one side of the roof is a new emperor in the form of a ladder, useful due to the difference in slope of the main roof.

For information, let us tell you that Limasan itself is a type of Javanese architecture that has actually existed since ancient times. This is evidenced by the presence of a prominent image that tells the story of Limason.

Although this traditional house was not carelessly built. Because this type of home building has many meanings and philosophies.

Knowing some of these modern and unique designs for Limson home, you’ll probably want to get one. (R10/HR- online)

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