MNPD to launch a new self-reporting program for vehicle crashes that damaged property

Today, President John Drake announced a new program, effective Monday, August 22, that will allow motorists involved in multiple property damage incidents to self-report driver information and collision details through an online portal, allowing them to quickly get their day going. Larger. .

The system, developed by Lexis-Nexis, will send completed reports to the records department of MNPD, where interested parties and their insurance companies can receive copies as needed.

“As the city grows and the demand for police services increases, calls must be prioritized according to immediate public safety needs,” President Drake said. “During peak call volume, most property damage incidents, particularly those not blocking major roads, are considered to be lower priority calls in the classification hierarchy. Sometimes this can mean long wait times, something we hope to reduce significantly with this new software” .

Motorists involved in property damage incidents, including those in private parking lots, are entitled to self-report through the new system as long as:

  • The two parties agreed to share driver’s license, vehicle and insurance information and agree on the circumstances of the accident
  • There are no injuries
  • No vehicle involved blocking a road due to inoperability
  • Downtime does not involve hit and run
  • The incident does not involve a DUI or any other criminal matter

Property damage incident calls received by the Emergency Communications Department will be screened to determine whether the collision qualifies for the program. If so, the call recipient will divert the caller to a dedicated 800 line. The caller will then be asked to enter their cell phone number and will receive a link to start the report. After a successful submission, the parties will receive a report number from which they or their insurers can receive a copy.

This new self-reporting system is for property damage incidents only. Officers will continue to respond to scenes of accidents involving injury or death, accidents in which one or more parties may be involved, accidents resulting from the commission of a crime, collisions and running on public roads, and accidents involving serious disturbance, to include arguments or violent confrontations between parties. .

More information on self-reporting incidents of property damage can be found on the MNPD website and through HubNashville.

Fraudulently completing a crash report, or knowingly providing false information on a report, is a violation of Tennessee law.

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