Mike Tyson’s former mansion is also owned by 50 Cent! you want to see?

My aunt and uncle used to run a school bus company in the Hudson Valley, and in her driving days, my aunt would remember seeing a young athlete running along country roads in New York. No matter if it was an icy cold morning in the north of the state or a hot, steamy Catskill afternoon, he was there.

That young, dedicated boxer was legendary Mike Tyson. In those days he was just a teenager with his whole life ahead of him. Who knew he would go on with his championship boxing career, celebrity lifestyle, and the booty that comes with it? Eventually, Tyson would own several properties, and as you’ll see below, at least one massive mansion near Albany.

In 1996, Mike Tyson took part of his $400 million fortune and bought a property in Farmington, Connecticut. At the time, Tyson was able to secure the 17 acres and all that came with it for just over $2 million. He will eventually sell the house to the rapper 50 Cent!

According to Zillow.com’s listing, the 50,000-square-foot mega mansion has 21 bedrooms, 35 bathrooms, a nightclub with stripper pole, billiards room, recording studio, pool house, indoor pool, outdoor pool with cave, koi pond, indoor basketball court, and outdoor basketball court.

Tyson owned the place for a short period of time while 50 Cent owned it for over a decade. Tyson or 50 Cent doesn’t own a home today. After several price drops, the rapper managed to sell to Florida businessman Casey Askar for $2.9 million. As recently as 2020, you can rent the luxury home for $50,000 per month! Let’s take a tour of “Connecticut’s Most Famous Home”.

Mega-Mansion was formerly owned by Mike Tyson and 50 Cent

This 50,000-square-foot complex has become known as “The Most Famous Home in Connecticut.”

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NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is selling his huge estate in rural Indiana, and the photos show a unique, rustic and luxurious property.

This 6-bedroom, 9.5-bathroom, 19,714-square-foot Stewart residence is located in Columbus, Indiana, on 415 acres of woodland with a 9-acre lagoon. There’s a two-story waterfall and trout stream in the entry hall, and the massive large room includes an 8,700-gallon freshwater aquarium.

Other indoor facilities at the stunning property include a bowling alley, a games area, a golf simulator room and a lighted onyx bar. The property also includes a large guesthouse and a workshop, and the entire property is a licensed hunting reserve populated with elk, deer, and turkeys.

The property’s $30 million price tag makes it the most expensive residency in Indiana.

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