Mike Crack places an order from Aston Martin

Ian Parks, Sam Hall

Aston Martin boss Mike Crake has admitted the team cannot finish the season in its current, mediocre position.

The Silverstone-based team sits ninth in the constructors’ standings and trails AlphaTauri by seven points after opening 13 tough races in the new F1 era.

The results were far from what he had hoped for when the team rebranded from Racing Point to Aston Martin last year, although owner Lawrence Stroll stated that this was a long-term project of up to six years to challenge the titles.

Asked by GPFans whether the team is now looking at the current season as a temporary year with more focus on the 2023 car, Crack said: “No.

“I think it would be very easy to write off the car or write it off this season but I think that would be an excuse in a way – ‘We are now focused on the new car’ – and I think that wouldn’t be true.

“Especially if we want to make a fundamental change in the rule [coming] as we did [for this year]This is something you can discuss. But the rules now don’t change much.”

Aston Martin aims to evolve ‘until the last race’

As the current generation of machines enters its first year of operation, the rate of development remains in a sharp curve.

Aston Martin has been as active in adding upgrades as any of its competitors, with a change of philosophy introduced in Spain before the innovative rear spoiler was introduced in Hungary.

With that in mind, Krack is determined to extract every ounce of possible learning from the AMR22.

“Well, there is a discussion about raising floor edges and these kinds of things for TD 39, for TD porpoises,” Krack added.

But let’s say the regulations remain largely the same. I think what I’ve learned this year, you can put up with [over]. If we can afford it, I’d like to develop the car until the last race.

“But obviously you also have to start with a new one. You can’t get out of this and neglect the other completely.

For now, it’s a parallel track. We have one set working on the new car, and one set working on the current car. We will not stop now because we cannot finish as we are now.”

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