Mercedes-Benz unveils the new Night Edition for the E-Class

The automaker has revealed the new version, and the high specs in all variants look amazing on this luxury model, taking it to the next level.

The E-Class is the best-selling Mercedes-Benz model series. Available in four body styles, the E-Class has received major upgrades for 2021. Like Mercedes Benz Gearing up for the next generation of the model series in the next few years, it’s bringing out a new special model that comes with extensive, high-quality equipment and exclusive design elements in black – the new E-Class Night Edition.

Various exterior elements finished in black

According to Mercedes, Night Edition models are based on the AMG Line and Night Package for the E-Class. It will be available for all body types (coupe, convertible, sedan and wagon) as well as all engine units. However, the Night Edition is not available for any E-Class AMG model.

Interestingly enough, the outer surface does not have to be black; Customers can have all models of the E-Class Night Edition coated with any Mercedes-Benz paint finish available.

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Just as the name suggests, the Night Edition E-Class special models will feature various exterior elements painted black. These include the diamond grille with black pins, tailpipe trim elements in black and AMG light-alloy wheels in high-gloss black (some with high-gloss rims). Not all special models have the “Night Edition” badge on the wing, with the sedan and station wagon versions of the E-Class featuring a high-gloss black boot lid.

Black items are also found within Class E

Inside, E-Class Night Edition models feature an AMG Line interior with black headliner. Artico (man-made alternative) leather with topstitching wraps the dashboard. The cabin upholstery uses the same material with a Dynamica microfiber, although customers can choose leather and Nappa leather upholstery.

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The interior of the E-Class Night Edition models features exclusive livery elements in Dark Aluminum / Metallic finish, with the center console finished in open-pore black ash wood. On the center console, the Night Edition badge is made of brushed aluminum with high-gloss black lettering. E-Class Night Edition models also come with illuminated door sills with Mercedes-Benz lettering, as well as floor mats with “Night Edition” stitching. Heated seats accommodate the driver and front passenger.

The E-Class Night Edition comes at a hefty price

To own the E-Class Night Edition, the customer needs to add an additional cost of between $5,583 and $9,724, depending on the chassis type and drive system. Customers can now place orders for the coupe and cabriolet versions, while those who wanted the E-Class sedan and station wagon models will have to wait until May 17. Night Edition models will arrive in European dealerships from July 2022.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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