Mercedes-Benz S 580e Hybrid 2022 مراجعة Review

  • to: A cool, comfortable, sophisticated yet accessible hybrid system
  • against: Luggage space, gigantic size only for 4 seats
  • Verdict: A great luxury car, albeit with small shoes

It took the best part of 30 minutes for a Mercedes-Benz guy to operate all of the S 580e’s control systems, but the time was well spent. Like most new cars, the level of technology is simply amazing, and when you spend a hundred times more than the cost of a really great mobile phone, it’s good to know what your new car can offer.

The S-Series touchscreen is simply the best you’ll find today: easy to use, intuitive, and still not entirely free from extra buttons to help you with some key operations. I got stuck? Just say “Hey Mercedes, lower the rear curtain” and you’re done.

Even more impressive, those in the front can ask for extra warmth and the temperature is set only on their side – sensors detect where they are sitting.

plug-in performance

This is Mercedes’ newest S-Class, then: a plug-in hybrid petrol engine in the direction that promises diesel economy with cleaner tail-tube emissions. The official figure for carbon dioxide is only 27-29 g/km.

Plug in for overnight charging and there’s 63 miles of electric range before the petrol engine joins the action. This is incredibly useful in urban driving, but even on a 200-mile trip, with the battery really well and running low, it can get close to 50 mpg.

The 3.0-liter straight-line produces 367 horsepower, and the electric motor is an additional 150 horsepower, so there’s plenty of power to whip this 2.4-ton luxury sedan. The air springs also keep all that mass under control, while at the same time allowing the S-Class to feel surprisingly agile in the Yorkshire Dales – which we took over the weekend.

First class travel

Mercedes S 580e Hybrid

Of course , Cause of existence S-Class comfort. Double glazing and goodness know how much insulation keeps noise levels remarkably low. Heated and cooled all round, the quilted Nappa leather seats provide a great combination of softness and support. Pick the right options package (yes, even at over £100,000 there are extras) and you’ll get a decent massage too.

While the rear passengers don’t enjoy any body manipulation (nor wouldn’t you be sitting comfortably with a third person in the middle, unless you’re desperate), a nice driver’s package tilts the nearby rear seat while pushing the front passenger seat forward to further enhance the great rear legroom .

Ironically, the front and rear seats in the long-wheelbase S-Class are as difficult to have a conversation as the distance between the two is. Alternatively, rear passengers can enjoy their tablets to set their own personal climate bubble or – which really is better than it sounds – change the ambient lighting to the color of their choice. Thin LED strips that circle the car add a subtle yet beautiful touch to the interior.

S-Class over the Taycan

Mercedes S 580e Hybrid

For similar money, you can buy an all-electric Porsche Taycan. A somewhat different proposition, but when no one needs to spend £100,000+ on a car, it makes sense to have a discussion.

However, it is not a contest. When you get past the jerky acceleration of a Porsche, the Mercedes is the car you want to live with. It is simply excellent in almost every area.

There is one big fly in the ointment though. The Mercedes S 580 e AMG Line Premium Plus Executive’s hybrid battery compromises boot space so much that you can’t fit a regular suitcase next to it, let alone carry enough baggage for four people bound for the airport. Shame.

main information

  • Launched: 2022
  • face lift: TBC
  • Replacement date: TBC


Model: Mercedes-Benz S 580 e AMG Line Premium Plus Executive

Prices start from: 108705 GBP

Price as tested: £113,880

Motors: 6 Cylinder, 3.0 Liter Petrol, Electric Engine

fuel type: Electric hybrid

gearboxes: 9 speed automatic

structures: salon

Decorations: AMG Line Premium and AMG Line Premium Plus Executive

Euro NCAP:
not tested

Energy: 510 hp

0 to 62 mph: 5.2 seconds

fuel economy: 217.3 – 353.1 mpg

battery size: 28.6 kWh

electric range: 63 miles

Carbon Dioxide: 27-29 g/km

Dimensions (liters / weight / hour): 5,320 / 2,130 / 1,530 mm

shoe capacity: 325 liters

Guarantee: 3 years / unlimited miles

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