Matt Carpenter returns to St. Louis with the Yankees

After a bleak end in St. Louis, Matt Carpenter’s New York renaissance was a satisfying comeback story. Cardinals fans will welcome him this weekend.

Street. Louis – Everyone loves a back story. Everyone especially loves a comeback story when it’s so easy to attract the person making the comeback. In short, this was Matt Carpenter’s experience in 2022.

Watching Carpenter in his last two seasons in St. Louis was an often traumatic experience.

The man couldn’t move forward.

In 180 games over the 2020 and 2021 seasons, Carpenter hit 0.176 with .605 OPS and 125 strikes in 347 at-bats. She was ugly. This is to say the least.

It was no surprise that after 2021, the field relationship between the Cardinals and Carpenter ended.

It didn’t work out, and there was absolutely no reason to bring the struggling veteran back when there were promising young players knocking on the door to play their time.

Carpenter signed a minor league contract with Rangers, never made the MLB roster and that looked like that. A great career has just faded away.

To surprise everyone by setting the world on fire for the best baseball team. What?

You can’t say you saw Matt Carpenter’s success with the New York Yankees coming. You just can’t. I will not believe you. You are a liar.

As of Wednesday morning, Carpenter hits a .321 with 1,227 OPS, 15 home runs and 36 RBIs in 112 strokes at bat for the Bronx launchers. I mean the guy has a higher OPS than Babe Ruth because of his loud screeching. (Yes I know it was only 42 games)

But while the comeback was unexpected, it was not well received.

Carpenter has always been a favorite in St. Louis.

At his best, he was stronger than filling any role the team needed to fill. And when was it hot? Oh man it was hot.

Carpenter’s late-season stretch in 2018 is still one of the most intense I’ve ever seen. A man can do no wrong.

Now, thanks to a career renaissance, he’s back again. This time on the biggest stage of the game in New York City.

And I don’t think there’s a Cardinals fan who doesn’t love every minute of it.

Carpenter will be in the Cardinals Hall of Fame one day. Look at the numbers. It is worthy. Seeing him achieve success again after all the bleak days at the end of his tenure in St. Louis can’t help but make you feel good about the man.

With the Yankees in town for the weekend, Carpenter and his mustache will return to Busch Stadium, where he made countless memories for a generation of fans over his decade as a Cardinal.

He’ll get an applause from the audience, and I bet the emotion will reach him.

This is the man who wrote one of the most heartfelt farewell letters I can remember to St. Louis. This city and these fans were important to him, and I know they still do.

Welcome back to St. Louis, Matt Carpenter. Cardinal fans have never stopped rooting for your comeback story.

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