Matace Carpet Company introduces the revolutionary Matace Mecko Backing System for Carpet Tiles

Matace Mecko Backing System for carpet tile requires no glue and tape, facilitating a mess-free installation process.

Rugs add aesthetics to any room. However, this attractive decor comes with the cost of a massive mess and a stained floor with the hands of glue and tape needed to keep the rug in place. However, the Matace Mecko Backing System, introduced by Matace Carpet, is a powerful home upgrade that enables buyers to bring the luxury of carpet tiles into the home, and that too without the mess. With this simple addition to living spaces, anyone can take carpet care, maintenance and design to the next level. Removable Matas makes carpet maintenance easy and hassle free.

The design of Matace Removable Carpet is based on the use of a backing material specifically developed for application in all of our projects, which we called Mecko Backing System. This product uses the principle of molecular gravity so that carpet pieces It cannot move sideways when placed on the ground, but it is easy to pick up from above. Mecko Backing System takes into account both ease of use and environmental protection. With the support system in place, removable rugs can be installed quickly and safely. When a customer wants to change the color or pattern of the rug, or when the rug has stains and needs cleaning, it can be removed individually and easily replaced in seconds.Explained the founder, Matas Karbet.

The amazing carpet system, inspired by fridge magnets, thus eliminates the need for glue and tape exclusively. By streamlining the process, Matas Carpets ensures that homeowners can easily manage their carpet needs at a time that suits them. The Mecko Carpet Support System provides the same structure and support as a traditional carpet installation but is easy to manage, and is built around a newly designed connection system.

The best part is that these rugs stay in place without the need for any messy sticky compound, which can also ruin the floor. The mat stays firmly attached to the floor without having to rely on traditional chemical adhesives. Everything is in order without the need for a base. As a traditional carpet-friendly option, Matace Removable Carpet also allows customers to save thousands of dollars needed by enabling them to handle maintenance and installation themselves without the need for a professional. For packaging, with their eco-friendly nature, these rugs are truly a game-changer to facilitate sustainability.

About company:

Matace was founded in 2019 by a group of carpet and cleaning professionals who discovered that people waste resources and cause more environmental pollution when using and cleaning carpets. In search of a solution to this problem, the founders came across a new product on the market but with great surviving potential: removable rugs. Removable rugs were easier to install, less expensive to clean, and more fun to use than traditional non-removable rugs. The company rebranded itself as Matace Removable Carpet, and started offering this amazing product to its customers.

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