Maserati MC20 has different characteristics

A YouTube channel spotted the supercar during its paces recently and found that the car can be both quiet and violent at the same time, which is what sets a Maserati apart.

The Maserati MC20 is truly a beautiful supercar. Despite its graceful design and design, the MC20 appears to be shrouded in mystery. For Henry Catchpole of Carfection’s YouTube channel, the MC20 is representative of a problem called Maserati. Henry explained how it happened in one of his recent video uploads.

The MC20’s interior isn’t a deal breaker

According to Henry, the MC20 is vague enough that it’s a little hard to spot. He noted that while the MC20’s aesthetics look cool and aren’t too garish, they are somewhat generic. However, he noted that the MC20 has amazing details, such as its trident-shaped perforations on the rear display and its dihedral doors.

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Henry noted that the MC20 doesn’t look like a $240,000 supercar because of the many interior elements. For example, I borrowed the steering wheel from Alpha Romeo, and the plastic stem makes the cabin look more like a supermini than a supercar.

However, these details and their simple nature make the MC20 easy to use. It’s easy to get used to the screen graphics and buttons, except for the volume control in the infotainment system.

However, Henry had mixed impressions towards the interior of the MC20, as there is nothing inside that spoils the deals.

Maserati with different characters

Then Henry took the MC20 for a drive. By default, the MC20 starts in GT mode, which makes the overall experience so subtle, quiet, and comfortable that it doesn’t feel like a supercar – the ride was boring. Of course, the carbon sink and exterior look certainly make the cabin feel like a supercar.

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But once Henry changes modes (to Sport or Corsa), Maserati completely changes its character. The engine gets wilder, unleashing 621 horsepower and 538 pound-feet of torque. In a way, the entire car comes to life in an unexpected way. While the sound of the F1’s 621-hp Nettuno twin-turbo V6 engine isn’t loud, there’s no doubting the performance it can deliver.

MC20 is the car that distinguishes Maserati

After a long ride in the MC20, Henry is still unable to find the right words to define the character of the Maserati supercar. In short, the MC20 is like the sea – it can be quiet and then get turbulent and fierce the next day In closing, Henry said the MC20 is a car that means Maserati – it’s a car enigma wrapped inside a company enigma.

Source: Carfection on YouTube

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