Manny Khoshbin sells a Bugatti supercar

The real estate investor is selling his Bugatti Veyron, which produces 981 horsepower from a W16 8-liter engine.

We all know Manny Khoshbin is an eccentric California millionaire with a group supercars That would make the whole world jealous. He has Bugattis, McLarens, Paganis…you name it, he has. One of his most famous cars is the 2006 Bugatti Veyron, #41 of 252. Surprisingly, Khoshbin has offered this car for sale on Bring a Trailer now as he looks to change up his impressive lineup a bit. At the time of writing, bids are $1,000,000.

Khoshbin has one of the most amazing looking Veyrons in the world. His example is the original Veyron configuration, where BBC Top Gear showed up at their fantastic race from Italy to England around the time the car was first released. The Khosbin is a stunning white with blue fenders, doors and bays all adorned with exposed aluminum interior snorkeling equipment. The Veyron features plenty of adaptive aerodynamics, such as variable ride height, front diffuser swipes, and a rear diffuser as well as an active rear spoiler and rear spoiler. However, the listing indicates that the rear spoiler is currently inoperable on the car.

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More details behind this stunning Veyron

Step into this Veyron and you’ll see bucket seats in carbon fiber covers, trimmed in tan leather with stunning blue accents. Matching upholstery extends to the car’s door panels and center console. Blue leather wraps around the entire instrument panel, while the front struts, roof liner and rear spoiler are delicately decorated in Alcantara brown. Magnesium paddle shifters are on the leather-wrapped steering wheel, and the Veyron’s odometer shows just over 14,000 miles. Khoshbin only added 200 miles to that total, according to his Trailer Bring List.

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The mighty W16 lies inside

The centerpiece of any Veyron is the Volkswagen-designed W16 engine. The 8.0-liter W16 engine produces an impressive 987 horsepower, and that would propel the Veyron to a ground-breaking top speed of 250 mph. An insane number of coolants help keep the engine and turbochargers cool, and of course the Veyron is an all-wheel drive car. The transmission comes from a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission from Ricciardo and two differentials via Haldex electronic control. The listing states that the oil change and filter change were done recently, in December 2021, as well as coolant and gearbox oil as well.

Source: Bring a trailer

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