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Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office

A 27-year-old northern man is accused of threatening a judge in Orangeburg County.

Stephen David Falk is accused of endangering the life of a public official.

Folk allegedly made threats to Judge Stephanie McKeown Grant during a remote video bond hearing on August 10, according to the incident report and memos.

McKune-Grant Folk did not give a personal warrant for the personal property damage charge.

A court note alleges that folk “became angry and used vulgar language and said, ‘I’ll understand you. You better believe I have something for you.”

Then the people allegedly pointed their fingers as if they had “fired with a pistol at the victim”.

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The memo claims that the incident was recorded and witnessed by other court officials.

On Thursday, Falk appeared before Orangeburg County Chief Justice Derek Dash on the charge of endangering the life of a public official.

When Dash asked Falk if the address on his arrest warrant was correct, Falk stated that it wasn’t, but that he lived in the North.

Folk claimed that he lied to law enforcement officials when he gave them an address.

He also stated that he did not have a birth certificate or any other type of identification.

Falk told the court that he had been in and out of prison since he was 12 and that he had little recollection of his appearance before McCon Grant on August 10 because he had a “mental health breakdown”.

He said Dash did not place a pledge on Folk because of the nature of the crime and because of “other things that happen” with the case.

The circuit judge may consider placing the people’s bond at a later date.

If convicted, Falk faces up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. has a new special feature: $1 for 26 weeks

• A 23-year-old man sustained several gunshot wounds on Thursday night and is undergoing treatment at the Regional Medical Center, according to the accident report.

Both the sheriff’s office and the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety responded to the hospital because the injured man made conflicting statements about where the accident occurred, the report said.

It has been determined that he was shot on Bleakley Street around 9 p.m.

• Someone stole a black 2015 Chevrolet Silverado parked at owner Bill Sally Road’s Orangeburg home on Thursday, according to an accident report.

The owner said he got a call from a deputy at 3 a.m. saying his truck was involved in a collision.

The owner thought the call was a joke, so he went back to sleep.

The report said that when he woke up a few hours later, he walked out and saw that his truck wasn’t there.

ODPS officers found the truck severely damaged at the intersection of Broughton Street and Magnolia Street.

A witness reported seeing a man in an orange shirt jump out of the truck after the accident.

Before the truck crash, it was worth $35,000. According to the accident report, it was worth $2,000 in its wrecked condition.

• According to a report, the following items were stolen from an unsecured home, a pickup truck and two campers on Trecer Road in Cope on Thursday: two hammers, two portable air conditioning units, two DeWalt nail guns, black tire rims, an assortment of children’s and adult clothing, a water heater and a fan Roof, window unit, tool belt and DeWalt circular saw.

Items are valued at $9,810.99.

• Someone stole a black 9mm SCCY CPX1 handgun from a white 2018 Jeep Cherokee parked at the Faglier Circle home in Orangeburg on Thursday, according to an incident report. The gun is worth $500.

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