Make your bathroom look bigger with expert tricks

A spacious bathroom can look very attractive, especially to potential buyers and visitors. Homeowners may not have thought of alternative ways to display their bathroom. But a group of interior design experts offered insight into the most effective techniques for creating the illusion of more space.

Save on floor space

A large number of bathrooms are equipped with floor-mounted or free-standing fixtures. However, they can take up a lot of space and make the room look much smaller.

To save more space, Richard Roberts, director of Sanctuary Bathrooms, advised choosing wall-mounted fixtures.

“Raising everything off the floor provides additional space and widens the floor outward, making it appear larger,” he said.

Install a shower

Another option to consider when looking for more space can involve replacing the bathroom with a shower.

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The shower can also look elegant with the unit coordinated with the surrounding fixtures.

“Some people choose to build their shower cubicle using the same floor as the rest of the bathroom, providing a continuous pattern or style,” Richard explained.

“If that’s not possible or doesn’t suit your taste, walk-in enclosure shower trays create the illusion of more space with the entire bathroom floor on the same level.

“Glass close to ground level also allows the entire bathroom to be visible.”

More compact bathroom fixtures

Choosing smaller bathroom fixtures can save more space.

The toilet, sink, and sink come in compact sizes designed for smaller spaces.

Create more room space

A wall-mounted electric towel rail is a subtle way to make a room feel more spacious, according to Antonio Dingra, CEO of Rointe.

He said: “If you’re looking to save space in your bathroom, make the most of the wall height by inserting a stylish electric towel rail into the room to open up precious floor space that gas radiators can take up.”

Brightly colored accessories can help elevate a bathroom, according to Lucy Ackroyd, head of design at Christie’s.

“Small bathrooms often have limited light or smaller windows and can feel very dark,” she said. “Avoid this dingy, dingy feeling by coordinating brightly colored hand towels and bath mats with other accessories such as plant pots, soap and shampoo bottles.”

illumination boost

It can be difficult to increase the level of natural light, however, an alternative option may be to install more lighting.

Richard of Sanctuary Bathrooms added, “This doesn’t have to be more wall lights or ceiling lights, but investing in something like a lighted bathroom mirror or LED bathroom mirror can really improve the ambiance of a space.”

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