Lexus NX350 Price 2022 Car of the Year Wheels

Lexus’ original NX may have become the brand’s best-selling model, yet the luxury mid-size SUV is disappointing in key areas including ride quality and refinement.

This provided plenty of opportunities for its successor to unleash positive surprises in Car of the Year, while raising expectations with a new platform shared with the premium Toyota RAV4.

The first surprise was the replacement offered by Lexus. With the NX’s local launch timing—just a week before our test program—necessitating the introduction of a wildcard, the model introduced was the NX350 instead of the expected NX350h hybrid that is expected to be most popular with buyers. (Or maybe it was picked up from the top of the bunch, Lexus’ first-ever plug-in hybrid, the NX450h+.)


The NX350 F Sport wasn’t without its intrigue, featuring a new 2.4-liter turbocharged petrol engine, adaptive suspension, and an all-new 14-inch infotainment display available on the NX350h Sports Luxury and NX450h+ models.

Lexus rarely fails the value test and the NX does not deviate from that standard—even with the $77,900 NX350 F Sport priced well above the $60,800 base NX250.

Well-equipped on the outside, the NX 350 F Sport package offers plenty of extras that include 20-inch wheels, driving modes, 3-beam LED headlights, a head-up color display, ventilated front seats and a panoramic view screen.

C Brunelli 220321 COTY 2022 Lexus NX 350 8


Steering from the safety standards in the process, the NX driver assistance systems are enhanced with Intersection Turn Assist, Emergency Steering Assist, and Safe Exit Assist that combines blind spot sensors and an electronically controlled door closer to prevent sudden hatches when parking.

“He has improved a lot, yet still stumbled in some unexpected areas.” – Dylan Campbell

Tech newbies include a digital rearview mirror as part of the Enhancement Package 2, though the judges were more curious to explore Lexus’ response to long-standing criticism of its engineered infotainment systems.

As part of the NX’s driver-oriented “Tazuna Cockpit” concept, the touchscreen is 9.8 inches on low-spec models or 14 inches larger. There’s no doubt that the larger screen looks more naturally integrated and limits the amount of glossy black plastic surroundings, and keeps the physical/fan dials commendably cool.

12- A Brock 220209 COTY 2022 Lexus NX 350


It’s not exact, although there is agreement that the touchscreen approach was an improvement over the Lexus trackpad-style remote touch system.

The judges just wished the interface had taken a similar big leap, with Dan summing up the sentiment: “The multimedia system just didn’t get the much-needed overhaul.”

There was also a bit of love for the 8.0-inch digital display, which lacks the high-end presentation found elsewhere in this segment—some major SUVs under $60,000 worth were included.

E-Dewar 220211 COTY 2022 Lexus NX 350 1


The F Sport seats received a lot of praise, but the luxurious execution of the cabin was not considered an unconditional success. While nice finishes, high-quality materials and tactile switches were evident, the hard plastics were more noticeable than perfect in a class containing premium competitors such as the 2018 COTY Award-winning Audi Q5 and Volvo XC60.

Expectations that the second-generation NX will be better to drive than its predecessor on the test yard have been fulfilled, with the NX350 F Sport displaying sharp steering and disciplined body control. This was ably supported by the powerful turbocharged engine and plenty of traction from
Four-wheel drive system.

The improvement wasn’t as remarkable, however, with noticeable wind and tire noise on the highway circuit. Kurt stopped the chase in recent discussions, saying simply that the NX “doesn’t measure anything anywhere.”

Price / As tested $77,900
engine 2398cc 4cyl Turbo Petrol
Energy 205 kW @ 5500-6000 rpm
torque 430 Nm @ 1750-4500 rpm
Transmission 8-speed automatic, four-wheel drive
Weight 1860 kg (claimed)
fuel 7.0L/100KM, 95RON
length, width, height 4660 / 1865 / 1640 mm
wheelbase 2660 mm
safety 5 stars (NCAP)
0-100 km/h 7.4 seconds
Weight (heavier than required) 40 kg
Noise at 100 km/h 69.2 dB

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