Lexus dealer sends mails to Tesla owners: ‘I had fun, now is the time to not bargain’

A Lexus dealer in Texas is spamming Tesla owners encouraging them to trade in their Tesla, telling them, “I had fun, and now it’s time not to compromise.”

Lexus and its parent company Toyota have a proven track record of advertising when it comes to electric vehicles.

In 2018, they announced their hybrid vehicles (HEVs without plugs) as “self-charging,” having “unlimited range,” while trash talks about all-electric vehicles in the process.

Last year, Toyota also made a shameful ad for the anti-electric vehicle to be sold as the Corolla Hybrid.

Those efforts were directly from the automaker, but now dealers are also involved in anti-electric advertising.

Lexus of Lakeway, a Lexus dealer near Austin, was able to obtain information about Tesla owners in the area and sent them an unsolicited email stating the following:

Trade in your Tesla! I had fun, and now it’s time for zero bargaining.

Here is a photo of a Lexus flyer from local Tesla owner Josh Kasky:

At this point, it’s not clear how Lexus dealerships obtained the contact details of the Tesla owners.

While Tesla has had a huge impact on the luxury car market, Lexus has done fairly well. The Lexus IS, which has the Model 3 as its closest competitor to Tesla, has enjoyed stable sales since the launch of the electric vehicle.

The Lexus LS, closest to the Model S, has had a tougher time since the launch of the electric car, with its US sales halving since the Model S launched.

Interestingly, Lexus’ parent company, Toyota, was most affected.

In 2018, Tesla revealed the top 5 cars traded by Tesla Model 3 buyers, and the Prius topped the list:

  • Toyota Prius
  • BMW 3 – Series
  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic car
  • Nissan Leaf

Toyota later admitted that the Model 3 affected Prius sales.

Modernization: Caskey sent Electrek the other side of the transmitter and also included a promise of an additional $1,000 discount to Tesla owners, a “top dollar” for Tesla deals, and a bunch of EV misinformation:

Take Electric

This is a very bad ad. First of all, Tesla has the best customer satisfaction rate ever. It’s not smart to spend money trying to get satisfied customers to trade in their cars.

They also admit that owners enjoy their Tesla cars.

As for “no-compromise”, that’s an obvious false declaration. First of all, what about the fact that I now have to deal with a suboptimal selling model of having to go through a third party agency like Lexus of Lakeway?

That’s a middle ground there.

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