LEGO Friends 41707 Vehicle Review

With a growing awareness of environmental issues and the need to create a greener society, the LEGO Friends 41707 Tree-Planting Vehicle set is the perfect LEGO toy for introducing kids to caring for the planet.

What makes the LEGO Friends 41707 Tree Planting Vehicle Set so special?

What makes the LEGO Friends 41707 Tree Planting Vehicle Set so special?

The LEGO Friends 41707 tree planting vehicle set consists of two main parts – a tree nursery, and a pickup truck. My two sons (4 and 8 years old) were quite bothered by the complexity of the tree nursery design.

It has many different aspects, including those that pertain to plants (flowers, leaves, soil, pots), wildlife (creatures like ladybirds, bees, squirrels), and gardening tools (shears, gardening guide, wheelbarrow, and even Irrigation can be completed with a moving pump handle)!

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I even took some time to enjoy and check every little part after the set was complete. It is a feast for the eyes and provides many opportunities for continuous play.

The pickup truck has its own attachments – a fork, a common tree-lifting arm in the truck, and a movable tailgate at the end of the truck’s trunk. As with every LEGO vehicle, the wheels move smoothly and, according to the sticker on the truck, are “electric” powered, in keeping with the go-green concept.

Complementing the set are two larger sets of regular LEGO mini dolls, which aren’t the typical square-looking LEGO figures, but are taller and more life-like. It adds a nice touch to bring this LEGO set to life, but it was difficult for little hands to make it fit into the truck cab. I also gave up after several attempts; Little LEGO dolls were too tall to sit behind the wheel.

Challenging and fun building

Challenging and fun building

My 4.5 year old son tried using a LEGO Friends 41707 set to plant trees. The set consists of 336 pieces, and is recommended for children over 6 years old.

Since my son had a great deal of experience with LEGO, he was able to do most of the set on his own. However, I can understand why the group was targeting older children, as they had a hard time clipping the window nets in place and the installation on the watering can handle. I had to help him with those who needed stronger fingers and finer motor skills.

Overall, I heard him sing happily while he was building it, which means he enjoyed building!

LEGO Friends 41707 Review

Here’s a tip for little LEGO builders – put all the LEGO pieces on a tray. This prevents the pieces from falling off the table, from getting lost, and helps them easily find the pieces they need.

Since the LEGO Friends 41707 Tree-Planting Vehicle set contains many small pieces, using the tray was very useful.

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During the construction, my eldest son also took care of, and helped a little with the construction. It was nice to see how they built their friendship on LEGO, which fits very well with the LEGO Friends theme.

Altogether, the LEGO Friends 41707 Tree-Planting set is a fun to build set that is eye-pleasing, and gives kids extended fun playing with the truck and doing “gardening” themselves.

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