LegacyEV Converts Gas-Powered Cars to Electric and Provides EV Training for Mechanics

With the rising gas prices, EVs are an enticing alternative to gas-powered cars. Also, electric cars have many other advantages, including better performance and zero-emissions driving. However, what if you’re drawn to the benefits of EVs, but like your gas-powered car? LegacyEV, a company in Arizona, has a solution. It converts gas-powered cars to electric vehicles. The company also provides other services, including EV training for auto mechanics. 

Can you convert a gas-powered car to an electric vehicle?

Electric 1969 Ford Bronco | Gateway Bronco

LegacyEV provides conversion services to turn gas-powered cars into EVs, as reported by Arizona’s Family. Rob Ward, who started LegacyEV in 2019, surprisingly, wasn’t originally a fan of electric cars. He said, “I’m a car guy. I didn’t like the electric thing.”

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