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Latrobe woman spreads out on TikTok after difficulty returning to Pittsburgh International Airport

Pittsburgh – Luray Hixson of Latrobe posted a video on TikTok about her harrowing flight home from Italy last week on Delta Airlines. She said she was in touch via JFK, and that’s where she said it all went wrong.

They changed her gate several times, moved her to separate lounges and then delayed her flight by 12 hours.

“I’m sitting in an airport hoping this flight leaves at 10am but at 7am, guess what? It’s cancelled. I’m stuck in New York five and a half hours from home and can’t even,” Hickson said in her TikTok video. Rent a car because they all took it.”

Her TikTok video has garnered more than 3 million views now. On her trip, she said, other Pittsburgh residents were going through exactly the same thing.

“It was like I was in a movie,” Hickson said. “It was so shocking, no answers given and a feeling of being stranded.”

Fortunately, her mother managed to save the situation.

She said, “My dear, I’m on the highway, and I’ll take you home.” “I just cried,” Hickson said.

Hickson is one of many people dealing with flight delays and cancellations this summer. I asked a local travel expert what caused the chaos.

We have several factors: #1, more demand, more than I’ve ever seen. said Molly Fitzgerald, co-owner of Frontiers International Travel.

The expert said that airline problems may affect travelers for July 4th. That’s why you expect that more people will be driving to their destination due to flight problems and higher ticket costs.

“But compared to losing some of your valuable vacation time due to airport delays, a lot of people are choosing that,” Fitzgerald said.

According to AAA, this Independence Day sets a new travel record. It will be the second busiest airport since 2000, with 42 million people hitting the road despite rising gas prices.

AAA offers the following advice:

  • Make a plan A, B and C. Flights, car rentals, accommodation, tours, cruises and other activities are in high demand and availability may be limited, which will affect prices. Travelers are advised to look for discounts and rewards, usually available through membership of organizations such as AAA. This is also another time when travel advisors are a great resource, as they may know of a deal that may not be readily available to the public.
  • air – AAA found that file average lower The airfare is 14% more than last year, and it’s worth $201 a ticket.
  • Hotels – Prices for mid-range hotels increased by about 23%, with average lower Nightly rates are $244 per night for AAA approved hotels.
  • Car Rental – Since last year, the average daily car rental price has continued to rise. With the number of travelers increasing, these prices keep on rising due to continuing supply chain issues along with increasing demand. While daily car rental rates are down 34% compared to last year, average lower It’s $110 per day, and rates are on average $40 more per day compared to 2019.
  • Bet on a crash-free flight. AAA expects to respond to more than 446,000 calls for roadside assistance over the Independence Day weekend. Make sure to get a full vehicle inspection before any long trip especially for components like the car Bartery engine and Ranger. Even a car in the best condition can run into trouble, so it’s a good idea to pack a well-stocked emergency kit and get roadside assistance just in case.
  • To beat the rush. Traveling at off-peak times or days. Based on AAA booking data, Friday, July 1 is shaping up to be the busiest day for air travel over the weekend (June 30 – July 4), with Monday, July 4, being the lightest. For those hitting the road, the Thursday and Friday before the holiday are expected to be peak traffic.

Advice from local travel agent Molly Fitzgerald:

  • Check your reservation frequently on the airline’s website or via the mobile app. There are so many schedule changes happening right now that what you booked a few weeks or months ago may change several times before your actual travel dates.
  • If possible, try not to check the bag and take only hand luggage. Baggage handling is definitely suffering due to airline staffing issues and it is taking longer than ever to return lost items to travelers.
  • We encourage travelers to give themselves very long contacts with the idea that you will always have contingency plans in place, should a flight be canceled or delayed.
  • If your budget allows, we encourage you to purchase a flexible airfare that allows you to make changes/refund so you are in a much stronger position to make changes, if necessary, at a higher fare type.
  • If you have the option of a direct flight, this is always preferable to calling, even if it is a little more expensive. The fewer flights you have to take to your destination, the better.
  • Additionally, we encourage travelers to drive into the city that is their travel gateway for international flights to avoid having to take a connecting flight. For example, driving from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC for a direct flight.

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