Lamborghini reaches three years in India, Urus SUV leads supercar team

Lamborghini has now delivered 300 units to customers across India. Lamborghini India president Sharad Agarwal told HT Auto that while the Urus SUV was a complete game-changer, Lamborghini is also experiencing a major shift in the type of customers coming in and out.

The Lamborghini Urus claims to offer supercar performance but is practical enough to be a city crusader.

Lamborghini announced on Tuesday that it has delivered 300 units of different models to customers in India. And while it’s been rather slow for over 12 years in the country, the past few years have taken a leap thanks to the resounding success of the Urus SUV here and around the world.

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The Lamborghini Urus has always been a strong performer in the high-performance SUV segment with 100 units of the vehicle delivered since it was first brought to Indian shores. It is no surprise, then, that it has achieved a prominent place in the list of Lamborghini models.

The Urus has driven Lamborghini sales not only in India but all over the world.

The Urus has driven Lamborghini sales not only in India but all over the world.

In India, the Italian supercar maker could have chosen to enjoy the glory the Urus brought, but states that it has committed to bringing newer models here soon after the international launch. Speaking to HT Auto, Sharad Agarwal, President of Lamborghini India, highlighted why he continues to see demand for performance models niche in the ultra-luxury segment. “The luxury car market is developing in India. Our customers are increasingly young people, those who have made success in the startup world, and they are first-generation entrepreneurs. We are also seeing high demand in the country’s smaller cities,” he said, adding that Urus obviously helped tremendously. The ingenuity of SUVs, has fulfilled the dreams and aspirations of more people in India.”

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Of the 300 units delivered in India over time, 100 are the Urus alone, and that’s despite the fact that the SUV was first introduced in 2018 at a base price of R3.10 crores (formerly showroom). But could the sales numbers be even higher? “What we need is consistency in tax policies and regulations. If those two things exist, the segment will adapt to a price point that starts to grow from there.” When we talk about the ultra-luxury segment – ​​which is still very, very relevant and in its infancy here, it is It really doesn’t reflect the kind of potential we have in the country, the kind of wealth we have in India.”

Sharad Agarwal, President of Lamborghini India.

Sharad Agarwal, President of Lamborghini India.

But what about exclusivity? More sales mean more Lamborghini cars on the road which could mean less exclusivity. But the irony does not worry Agarwal. “Urus has helped us expand our client base but at the same time, we remain exclusive. We are talking about 10,000 cars per year (global figures),” he said, adding that the main focus in India is to ensure that new models are introduced in a timely manner.

Lamborghini India has led the Huracán EVO RWD Spyder, Urus Pearl Capsule, and Urus Graphite Capsule as well as the Huracán STO this year alone. Agarwal says the focus remains as much on the product line as on the customer outreach programme. To celebrate the delivery of 300 units, for example, the company organized a lifestyle experience as part of its “Lamborghini Day” where about 50 owners gathered over three weekends to put their mid-range machines to the best possible use. The trips were organized across three locations – Mumbai-Puneh, Bengaluru-Hambi and Delhi-Gar.

First Publication Date: September 21, 2021, 13:05 PM IST

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