Lamborghini Chris Brown is the most expensive car sales and auctions

When it comes to car auction sites, it’s not really that shocking to see insanely high prices. Throughout the history of Bring A Trailer, there have been plenty of auctions that have seen crazy numbers in excess of six or even seven. However, not all auction sites carry cars of the same caliber as the others. A former celebrity-owned Lamborghini Aventador was sold at a fairly reasonable price.

This blue Lamborghini Aventador currently holds the record

Blue Lamborghini Aventador | Cars and Bids

This beautiful blue Lamborghini Aventador was recently sold on Autos and Auctions, and currently holds the record for the most expensive car sold at Autos and Auctions. The final hammer price for her was $270,000. It should be noted that two other auctions received higher bids. However, none of these auctions met their reserve, so they either didn’t sell or sold after the auction ended.

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