Kia Forte GTS go for K5 cash

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The Kia Forte GT offers a solid value proposition. It’s hard to ignore this 201-hp engine with a turbocharger, and a choice of either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed DCT. The value is also there, especially when you consider its warranty and cheap starting price of $23,490 that cuts competitors like the Honda Civic Si and VW GLI by the thousands. But with the car market unbridled at the moment, the Forte GT has fallen victim to being yet another model influenced by the brands of the greedy dealer.

Of the hundreds of Forte GTs I’ve found for sale across multiple car buying sites, more than half are coded at $28,000 or more. More than 20 are on sale for more than $30,000. Imagine you’re walking into a Kia parking lot and having to choose between a Forte or a K5 because of the price overlap. In a sentence I never thought I’d write, the two most expensive Forte GTs in the country are over $32,000.

Image of the article titled Some dealers are asking Kia K5 GT for money for Forte GTs

The first he is in Felton Holly Kia In Felton, D.; The dealer is asking for $32,085, which is a $5,500 increase over the MSRP of $26,585.

Image of the article titled Some dealers are asking Kia K5 GT for money for Forte GTs

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Although the highest is $32,830 Forty GT For sale at Power Kia in Portland, OR. This trader made $7800 profit on this Forte. While this is one of two Forte GTs in this dealer’s stock with $7,800, it is the more expensive of the two and the most expensive in the country. (The else The Forte GT has a sticker of $30.535.)

I reached out to this merchant to see if there is anything they can do about this markup. The profit margin of $7,800 is great for any car. But it’s bigger in a small car that starts in the mid-$20,000s. Being a customer, I asked the dealer if the tags could be removed completely and they explained that they were asking for over $30,000 for a $26,000 car. I got a response to that said Can Something can be done, but they were largely flagging it because others do.

Hi, this is Devin at Power Kia. We may be able to work with you a little more on this. However, this vehicle is coded all over the West Coast.

Then he proceeded to ask me if I wanted red or blue. I will not take either of them. You can get more for that kind of money. The 290-horsepower K5 GT starts at $31,090. But because of how far the market has failed, dealers are hard to find On the occasion of those For Stinger GT money. At this point, with brands accessing cars across all the price and size spectrum as stock-hungry dealers become desperate for business, 2024 might be a good time to be in the market for a car. It doesn’t look like things will calm down anytime soon.

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