Kia Carnival in the 2022 car wheels of the year

meIf your idea of ​​family planning is to reject any and all kinds of contraceptives, there’s hope beyond buying a 12-seater Toyota Hiace with a solid rear axle and leaf springs. You can buy a Kia Carnival.

Bringing back memories of the 2003 Honda Odyssey — low and wide, launched with a scandalous ad campaign that won’t fly in 20 years — resident designer Verlazzo said it best when the judges briefed the new fourth-generation Carnival at the start of its COTY show: “As close as possible to an exciting ‘engine’ to people “…if that is possible.”

Kia’s bold eight-seater is 5.1 meters long — 40 millimeters more than the outgoing model, and 30 millimeters of that in the overhanging rear — but where the old Honda Odyssey smoothed the lines between engine and car, the new eight-seat Carnival is more like Two-wheel drive car.


With perhaps the smallest dash of a sports car. His short front appearance, masculine presence, and chiseled proportions have made rulers indulge in it all.

But the initial excitement for the rides—including folding the second row down to reveal 2,905 liters of luggage space, almost as close to a Boeing C-17—cooled when we rolled out the fourth-generation Carnival to the Anglesea test yard. The alternative we chose was the 2151cc turbodiesel as installed in the high-spec Platinum model, with every bell and whistle imaginable—as you’d hope for $67,580 before road costs.

“Easily the best little and largely unloved part.” – Kurt Dobrys

Unsurprisingly, he really gets intimidated inside – you’ll never want to have space. The beautiful relationship between throttle calibration and turbo torque means you can’t help but bend the center armrest downward and the greasy arm of the Carnival all around.

Brunelli 220321 COTY 2022 Kia Carnival 26


There is a certain La-Z-Boy quality about it. Predictably smooth, comfortable suspension and a long wheelbase give the impression that the Carnival could make 1,000 kilometers a lot shorter. And with a claimed consumption of 6.5 l / 100 km, you can theoretically do this with just one filling of a 72-liter diesel tank.

And on the test field it was hard to miss what he really was. With a little squat, it was easy to disturb the front tires with so much throttle that the wheels slipped, especially on dirt, making you think it would be a better 4WD car.

But for its size, it did everything better than we expected, from maneuvering to braking, even if it’s a little cruise ship with a lane change. (You may be tempted to smash a champagne bottle in the front of it soon after you buy it.)

E-Dewar 220210 COTY 2022 Kia Carnival 2


But while the Carnival does a pretty solid job of its intended purpose, in the company of every other COTY car—particularly some of its South Korean brethren, the Palisade in particular—it only shines while others shine against all standards. She chose to put on a powerful show rather than a stunning one – and left the jury to choose.

“The seats are too stiff and lack comfort over long distances,” Kurt said. “Average C grade is the sweetest spot.”

“I didn’t notice a lot of engine noise in the Palisade. Definitely less subtle at idle,” said Inwood.

Thus, even in the face of things like a seven-year guarantee, the Carnival was eliminated in the first round. Rest assured, he would have beaten Hiace. Salim.

Price / As tested $67,580 / $68,545
engine 2151cc 4cyl Turbo Diesel
Energy 148 kW @ 3800 rpm
torque 440 Nm @ 1750-2750 rpm
Transmission 8-speed automatic, front-wheel drive
fuel 6.5 l / 100 km, diesel
Weight 2134 kg (claimed)
length, width, height 5155/1995/1775 mm
wheelbase 3090 mm
safety 5 stars (ANCAP)
0-100 km/h 9.2 seconds
Weight (heavier than required) 14 kg
Noise at 100 km/h 67.9 dB

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