Kevin Durant’s $4 Million Collection of Cars Completely Covered in 2 Michael Jordan Cars

Kevin Durant is a rich man, and he likes to flaunt his wealth with the most expensive car collection in the NBA by a large margin.

Durant has been getting a lot of criticism lately with all the drama that the Brooklyn Nets have been through. Following rumors that Kyrie Irving would be leaving the team, the star guard surprisingly chose his player option, wanting to stick with him in Brooklyn.

Things seemed to be stabilizing in Brooklyn after that move. Looks like Kyrie has been up and running with KD and Ben Simmons for at least another year.

However, Durant spoiled all of those plans when he requested a deal from the team. Then plans started to emerge around Kyrie Irving’s shopping as well and blowing up the entire team.

Durant did indeed gain notoriety from joining the Golden State Warriors in 2016, but that request deteriorated his reputation even further.

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Kevin Durant owns a crazy $4 million car collection that ranks #1 in the NBA

Durant may be handling a lot out of court now, but that hasn’t stopped him from investing heavily in the auto business.

Durant’s car collection is worth $4,369,741, the highest number in the NBA. LeBron James is second with $2,798,824, Harden is third, and Steve Curry is fourth with $782,277.

Durant’s range includes the Chevrolet Camaro SS, the 1966 Ford GT40, the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, and the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

However, two of Michael Jordan’s cars could match Durant’s collection. Jordan owns a Bugatti that costs about $2,000,000. He also owns a $3,000,000 Mercedes-McLaren SLR 722 Edition. However, there were reports that Jordan did not use the car much and put it up for sale. This makes him a combined $5 million which makes him more than a Kuwaiti dinar.

However, if you don’t include McLaren, Durant would have Jordan win, too. The KD car group ranks 8th in the world among athletes with Lionel Messi having the most expensive car at a price of $38,873,313.

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