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Growing up, we’d all sleep at night and perhaps the last thing we see is a poster on the wall of our dream car. We’ve all had – or still have a classic one – this was the perfect ride for us. Carrying your passion into your work life makes dreaming better.

This is the case with everyone who works at Speedway Motors. The people there have a great opportunity to enjoy the cars they love and help thousands of enthusiasts get the parts they need to make their dreams come true. Kelsey Bugjo is a member of the team at Speedway, and her dream car is the Chevy 57 that she finally managed to get in 2001.

Found a Kelsey ’57 Bel Air Sport Coupe for sale in Omaha. The number matching engine was already rebuilt but it was a project car. A project she wanted to tackle she bought on June 29, 2001.

I learned about Kelsey’s Tri-Five while reviewing Speedway Motors’ Toolbox blog and realized that many of you will also enjoy the story. You can read more about Kelsey’s ’57 by clicking here.

“For as long as I can remember I was interested in cars, even before I could drive,” Kelsey says. “As a teenager, I won a sticker for a ’57 Chevy Bel Air while at a showroom. There was something in that turquoise car that I just had to own. I set out to find my dream car, but some things happened first.”

57 chevy interior

One of these “things” was her 16y Date of Birth. That’s when I discovered a Chevy 55 truck that was owned by a family friend. Kelsey managed to get a loan and buy the truck. It was a great ride but not the year 57 Chevy Bel Air that filled her dreams.

Another concern was that it didn’t quite fit into the daily bill, so I decided to find something more suitable. “I saw an ad on Autotrader for Chevelle and went to look at it,” Kelsey said. “The sole owner, the matching Chevelle, became my daily driver for five or six years after I finished high school and went to college. I drive it every day, even in the winter, and we all know what a Nebraska winter can do to the car. Here we are, 20 years later Now I’m in the process of restoring it to the way it was when I bought it, but that’s another story.”

Although the Chevelle has served Kelsey’s needs over many years, it wasn’t her dream car again. She never hesitated to find the right car and kept looking for classic car ads in the papers every weekend. Then it happened…

Finally, Kelsey found a ’57 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe listed for sale in Omaha. “My dad and I went to take a look at it, the engine matching numbers had already been rebuilt, but it was definitely a project car,” Kelsey says with a wide grin. In this case, she says it was a project she was willing to tackle to get her dream car. It was June 29, 2001. “The car also came with cans and cases from previous versions of the Classic Chevy Internationaldating back to the time you were born,

A full out-of-the-tire restoration began as she and her father dismantled the car and began packing and marking everything. As one would expect, the pair experienced some surprises. The floor was rusty, and the car needed a lot of bodywork. By July 2001, the car was completely out of the frame and under metal. The car received new quarter panels, door skins, front fenders and a floor. The chassis was completed in the family barn. The car was painted in 2005.

Want to read about more home-built heroes? All you have to do is click here. I want to see these reader’s travels. If you’d like to share your own, I want to hear about it. Since I started this series, I’ve received more than a few candidates. However, I still wanted to see more – I just can’t get enough. If you want to see more cars made by our readers, send some pictures of your car. Be sure to show the engine, interior, and exterior, send all relevant information, and I’ll make you online famous. You can send your requests to [email protected].

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