Kate Reed: Road Trip with the Taycan 4S Cross Turismo – Part 3

The Great Australian Road Trip is an emblem of Australian culture. Vast open spaces, long highways, and landscapes Unlike any other medium, the sound of the road is loud in the ground below. Top Australian confectioner Kate Reed, founder and co-owner of Melbourne’s Lune Croissanterie, answered from behind the wheel of a Taycan 4S Cross Turismo. In this latest installment, Kate’s comes to the end of her 1,800-kilometer adventure.

succulent experiences

We passed one horse town called Tomingley, which proudly proclaims itself the ‘Gateway to the Highway’. We exchanged stories of bygone eras in our lives. Chaotic and adventurous road trips through Germany, meandering for teens along the northern NSW coast.

While Steve (Neptune Blue Taycan 4S Cross Turismo) was “refueling” in an NRMA fast charger at the Western Plains Cultural Center in Dubbo, we refueled our stomachs and hearts with the best scones ever (not even kidding – go find out for yourselves!).

Near sunset we passed an unexpected sight. Huge cactus farm in the middle of little Gilgandra. We weren’t sure if we were seeing a mirage, so we stopped in to pick up the strange find, certain that in Melbourne we would ask for evidence of a “cactus world”.

Coonabarabran proved to Gunnedah to be the ethereal leg of the journey. Dramatic sunset casts an eerie orange glow over the arid landscape.

Bose’s epic sound system triggered Ellie Goulding’s other-worldly sounds as we speeded through the hills toward the next charging station, Gunnedah.

We got into Junidah well after dark. Describing the city as “sleeping” would be an understatement. On our way to the NRMA charging station, we closed off the main road to an industrial area. Bianca and I were the only two characters who wandered the dimly lit city streets looking for an open bar for dinner. I speak for all of us when I say if I feel a little dreaded; We are definitely not in Fitzroy anymore!

Stomachs full, we hurried back to the charging station, jumped and tossed her to the floor for Armidale.

The Tattersalls promised a Wes Anderson-like experience. And it does not disappoint.
Kate Reed

The stay we booked at Armidale was one of the things we were most excited about. Another example of a hotel from the past recently restored to its former glory, the Tattersalls Hotel promised a Wes Anderson-like experience. And it does not disappoint. We rose early the next morning to really appreciate the hotel’s art deco beauty, the soup mist and near-freezing temperatures adding to the mood and mystery of the city.

After a few hours of Bianca again almost twisting her trigger finger in appreciation of photography, we ate a quick breakfast buffet at the hotel, packed up, said goodbye to Tattersalls, and the coast is in plain sight.

Bianca was born and raised in the Byron Bay outback, so we were on our way home. From Armidale to Byron, Bianca has regaled me with stories of the family’s avocado farm, devouring cranberries, long trips with four kids vying over who could upset their parents the most, childhood summers spent in the apartment across from the main beach, and swimming in Wategos.

It was the perfect introduction to getting to Byron. With a very vivid memory, she directed us to Waitgos Beach, warning me of its extreme popularity.

As we drove down the hill past Rae’s, the sheltered harbor appeared, and as if by some miracle, at that exact moment every human decided to leave and for the perfect 30 minutes we had the entire beach to ourselves.

Iridescent light afternoon, one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, my best friend, and Steve, on the wild ride of a lifetime – definitely didn’t get much better than this.

The light fades quickly, as at that time of year we dragged ourselves away from Wategos and set off on the last stretch to Brisbane.

We had a plan. The trip wasn’t over until we decided it was over. So, we were planning to unpack our bags at our hotel and walk straight to my favorite Brisbane restaurant, the great Agnes.

I was finally excited to have dinner there with Bianca, after sending countless text messages to her back in Melbourne saying “we Should We’ll go here together one day.” And that day had finally come!

The next morning Steve pulled us out in front of Lune Brisbane.
Kate Reed

The next morning Steve pulled us out in front of Lune Brisbane. And just like that, after all these months, the lockdowns are behind us, here we are eating croissants together, and it was the most perfect and fitting way to celebrate our long successful and adventurous cannon route from Melbourne to Brisbane! Cannon Paul Baker would have been proud of it.

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author: Kate Reed

Photography: Bianca Takewell

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