Jeep Grand Cherokee got a sell off order because the car could sway

Two Jeep Grand Cherokee cars parked on the side of the road.  They may have ruined themselves, too.

Two Jeep Grand Cherokee cars parked on the side of the road. They may have ruined themselves, too.
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Stilants issued Sale stop order in 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L. all because of A problem that can cause cars to crash and malfunction without notice at all… which he is not Great.

CD player Multiple reports received Emails from owners letting them know about the problem. The outlet then found a notification from Stellantis sent to dealers about a stop-sale order for electronics malfunctions. Oddly enough, the problem seems to only affect cars sold in February 2022.

Specifically, the document reads that the “RF Hub Module” can cause some major problems between the vehicle and the keychain.

friends He said after locking the car that their key chains would stop working. They will try to unlock the car with the physical key. At that point, the new SUV will react just as if it was stolen.

“We have identified a solution and are speeding up the delivery of appropriate parts to our dealer network. This issue affects a limited number of vehicles and does not require a safety recall. We are reaching out to customers to inform them that the free service is available soon,” a Jeep spokesperson told The Drive.

It’s a sell off because Stellantis wants to take care of the owners’ vehicles First, which is nice of them. The company will be in touch with owners to find a way to repair tiled Grand Cherokees.

StIt is reported that it will be Elantes Replacing the faulty RFHM, and this process is supposed to start in March.

Dead SUV Case It has already proven to be a problem with quite a few Owners if you go to the forums.

“[My] The Grand Cherokee will not recognize the switch. something apparently [is] Antenna or unit fault in the car. After disconnecting by dragging some items, [the dealership] The connection was reconnected and the switch was working fine,” one user wrote on the forum Jeep garage forum. “They tested it for a day, it all works, and kept it on all night…this morning, same problem.”

Some even reported that the problems persisted After it was “fixed” by Jeep. One of the owners even said that he was not able to drive his new SUV far from the plot of land he purchased. That means he must really love the new Grand Cherokee if he’s willing to buy a car he couldn’t even move.

The March time frame for fixing the problem can be a very big problem for owners of these devices SUV cars Owners who will be without their new car for more than a month.

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