Jeep gambled and won a Grand Cherokee LSUV

For years, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has stood for a full-size two-row SUV that delivers great off-road features. The only element we wanted in this SUV was the third row, but we understood the need for plenty of cargo space. This brand was a huge hit with the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer back in the market. Alongside these high-end models, Jeep quietly gave us the three-row Grand Cherokee L that we’ve been craving since the plate debuted.

The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L is more than just a 3-row SUV

Jeep didn’t stop at the new three-row model by adding a third row and nothing more. They took the luxury Grand Cherokee L. According to CarBuzz, this SUV is more expensive than ever, which was a serious gamble for a Jeep. This risky move paid off as more Americans opted for the Model L for their Grand Cherokee, which starts at $46,645. That starting price is significantly higher than the two-row Grand Cherokee SUV, which costs $38,325 for the base model.

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