Jay Leno’s first new 1954 C1 Corvette Feels Factory

The C8 was undoubtedly a huge leap forward for the Corvette, but the Chevy sports car never stopped evolving. However, while the upcoming 2022 Corvette and Z06 are undoubtedly faster than their predecessors, the older Vettes are still worth remembering and keeping. And it’s not just the high-powered models and C2s with split windows, either. As Jay Leno just showed in his latest video, this well-restored 1954 Corvette C1 is still something to celebrate.

The C1 Corvette actually started rolling in 1954, even if it didn’t have a V8 engine yet

1954 Chevrolet Corvette
engine 3.9L Blue Flame Six Inline Six With Triple Carburetor
Horsepower (SAE Gross) 150 hp
155 hp (mid-year update)
Torque (SAE Gross) 223 lbs ft
Transmission 2 speed automatic
curb weight 2886 lbs
0-60 mph time 11 seconds

Officially, the Chevrolet Corvette celebrates its 70th anniversaryy His birthday is in 2023. However, the first C1 cruisers were mainly handmade. Chevrolet did not begin mass production, as on the factory assembly line, until 1954. As such, the first production “Vettes” are the 1954 models.

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