Jaguar reintroduces the E-Type icon for the 21st century

Jaguar will be reproducing six identical limited-edition pairs of restored 3.8-liter E-types to celebrate 60y The birthday of one of the most coveted creations in the history of automobiles. The “E-type 60 Edition” cars will pay homage to two of the oldest and most popular E-Types – the 9,600-horsepower coupe and 77 RW Roadster – both of which played a pivotal role when the car made its public debut at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show.

The E-Type caused quite a stir at its world debut. One of the first cars revealed on the Parc des Eaux Vives guest list was the light gray 3.8-liter fixed-head E-Type Coupe – clocking 9,600 hp. The night before the launch, the car was flown straight from the manufacturing plant in Coventry, UK, to Switzerland by Jaguar’s director of public relations at the time, Bob Perry.

The reveal caused so much excitement that company founder Sir William Lyons instructed chief tester and legendary engineer Norman Deweys to “drop everything” and drive an extra model, a registered 3.8-liter RW British Racing Green Roadster 77. Deweys promptly drove frantically all night from Coventry in time for the unveiling of the Geneva Show.

The success of the E-Type lies in its combination of striking design and sporty driving dynamics. The car hit 150 mph and accelerated in less than 7 seconds to 60 mph thanks to advanced engineering and design driving aerodynamics with aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer polishing jet-inspired lines to perfection in a wind tunnel. The car was also priced competitively, costing around £2,000 (about $2,600).

The E-Type quickly became the sports car of the swinging 1960s. It captured the zeitgeist and was favored by movie stars and music idols. Brigitte Bardot, Tony Curtis, Steve McQueen, Brett Ekland, George Harrison – all of them have driven all kinds of electronic cars. The design was and continues to be so impressive that it became only the third car to join the Museum of Modern Art’s design collection in 1996. Enzo Ferrari was famous as: “the most beautiful car ever”. By the time it ceased production in 1974, about 70,000 electronic types had been sold worldwide.

Speaking to Jaguar Design Director who has now left Ian Callum a few years ago, he said of the car: “You can’t overestimate the impact of the E-Type at the time. It perfectly captured the spirit of the revolutionary era that it has become an icon for.”

Fast-forward to today and each E-type 60 lineup will honor the 9600 HP and 77 RW with special details and exclusive colours, created at Jaguar Classic’s specialist facility in the UK. Each pair will feature a 9600 hp Flat Out Gray Coupe and a 77 RW Roadster in Drop Everything Green, with unique paint combinations dedicated exclusively to these cars. Furthermore, each E-type 60 will have a 60 . county Anniversary memorial design details co-created with current design director Julian Thompson.

“It’s a true icon, as exciting today as the moment it was unveiled in 1961,” says Dan Pink, Director of Jaguar Classic. “The E-type 60 range is an enduring tribute to fans of the E-Type, and a tribute to the legacy of the car and the accomplishments of the team that created it – many of whom have descendants working with us today, expertly restoring, preserving and fixing them into the future for generations to come.”

The E-type 60 range will be launched in 2021 to coincide with the original 60y birthday celebration.

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