It’s been a long wait for the 1970 Dodge Charger 500

The classic muscle car was in storage for 32 years before it was finally rediscovered and is now ready to become a project car.

Barn finds are definitely some of the coolest cars out there. It’s exciting to think that there are many completely undiscovered cars, hiding from our view, and have done so for decades, like the Barn Finds 1970 Dodge Charger 500. evades The 500 Charger was created, of course, for NASCAR, and this particular example lain in storage for 32 years before it was finally rediscovered.

A closer look at the charger 500

The charger is currently on eBay for $32,000, although this is not in the car’s reserve. It is currently located in Medford, Oregon, and the Barn Finds article states that the vehicle is nearly complete and fully durable.

The year 1970 saw the 500 Street Charger cars lose their looks, and they became pretty much a great option that filled at least 60% of Charger production. The introduction of the Challenger may have caused the demand for the charger to drop 45% in 1970, and the Challenger was very different from a charger that had little changed since its introduction.

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Not a huge restoration project

For anyone actually interested in this charger, it doesn’t seem destined to be a huge project. The car itself has been in a shop since 1990, and the current seller seems to have gone into town to try and fix any rust in the car, which is totally commendable.

The trunk lid has been replaced, and new metal has been placed on the rear window wings and lip. Then some wear was found on the rear quarter panels, which were removed and restored to avoid getting worse. The paint was allegedly reapplied to the car sometime in the 1980s.

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Solid interior design for the charger

Inside, the interior is in fair condition, although the bucket seats definitely need re-upholstery. The floorboards are well maintained thanks to the carpeting that was removed a few years ago. The engine’s carburetor needs rebuilding, but the 383 ci V8 does run with some fluid, so you’ll get a running engine if you want to ride this one. The front brake calipers have also been removed, but will come with the car. This is a great project for someone, and it will put a coveted classic back on the road.

Source: Barn Finds

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