Italy celebrates 40 years of the Fiat Panda

The classic Italian car celebrates 40 years on the road.

The Fiat Panda, one of the most successful models produced by the Turin car manufacturer, celebrates its 40th birthday in March 2020.

Fiat has sold more than 7.5 million Panda models since the car was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 1980.

The car was designed by the famous car designer Giorgietto Giugiaro and the Italdesign team, whose goal was to create a utilitarian car that is inexpensive, easy to maintain and extremely simple.

The Panda was an instant success, and over the years there have been various redesigns of the original which was discontinued after 23 years in 2003.

The current panda, being produced from 2011 to today, is now in its third generation.

Images of Fiat Archivio Storico / Italdesign

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