It was like watching the historic Tiger Woods walk up to 18 years old in St Andrews

In 25 years of broadcasting the Open Championship to ESPN/ABC and NBC, perhaps Mike Terrico’s most breathtaking moment came at the 150th session last month in St Andrews.

It was Tiger Woods’ 18-year rise at the end of his second round in what could be his last appearance in The Home of Golf.

“This was something I just wanted to undo — I’m glad I wasn’t on the air — and take it,” Terriko Colt Knust and Drew Stoltz, co-hosts of Subpar Golf Club co-hosts Colt Knust and Drew Stoltz, told Colt Knust and Drew Stoltz. “Because you really think, you know I might never see this again.”

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Jack Hirsch

Terrico was just preparing to start his covering bout when he was coming from a stall near the 17th hole when he saw Woods finish on the 17th and start on the 18th. He added that he didn’t think Woods would go off on an opening in St. Andrews again.

“I wasn’t ready to say he would never do it. But I think all of us, when he walked over the bridge and didn’t stop and stop and look back, we were like, ‘Oh man!'” said Terriko. Age 18, this was like, there was a lot of stuff.

“His appreciation for how much people appreciated him and everything he did.”

Woods didn’t particularly stop for one last wave on the famous Suilkan Bridge, but Terrico said his feelings at first may have been overtaken by the emotion of his poor play. Woods hit 78-75 to miss the cut.

“Especially Tiger, who knows him, would have been angry at what he was releasing,” said Tricho. “These overpowering feelings banish sadness, tears, that kind of thing.”

With rumors circulating that the R&A team won’t play The Open in St Andrews again until 2030, this appears to have been Woods’ last visit to the old stadium.

But Teriko gave her a chance, which she wasn’t.

“He’ll keep trying, he’ll always keep trying,” he said.

To hear more stories and notes regarding Mike Terrico’s sports broadcast on Tiger Woods, check out Subber’s full interview below.

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