Is this Monet? 42% of people think they have ‘museum-worthy’ art hanging in their homes

New York – Are you sitting on a gold mine of undiscovered art? 42 percent of Americans say they own a piece of art by an independent artist that they feel “deserves a museum.”

The survey of 2,000 adults found that 56 percent follow independent artists on social media and two out of three people have purchased artwork they discovered online, in books, or in magazines. A third of men (34%) and a quarter of women take inspiration from things they see in the role of celebrities.

While the most impressive decorative pieces include landscapes and landscapes (44%), nearly four in 10 seek out photography (37%) and 35% lean toward pieces with sentimental value, drawn images, posters or banners Old.

43 percent of those who own a work of sentimental artwork say they don’t like it not for the subject matter, but because “it was given to them by an important person, such as an artist in the family.”

The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Minted, a design goods market for independent artists, focused on Americans’ appreciation of art and decor and attitudes toward integrating them into the home. More than half (52%) admitted that they find it difficult to choose items that blend in with their existing home décor and budget.

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More than two in five people (42%) think furniture can be the most difficult home item to buy, followed by wall art (41%) and window treatments (40%) – making discovering each essential item more useful.

Since the pandemic began, more than half (52%) of adults are more inclined to buy one or more different types of art than they would have before. Although nearly three-quarters of respondents (74%) trust their interior design skills, most people don’t feel that way until they are 27 years old.

“The Minted team of Art Stylists, who provide design recommendations to clients every day, are constantly coming up with different and unique ideas for what constitutes a fun piece of art,” a spokesperson for Design Goods Market says in a statement. “While some people spend hours searching for the perfect piece that fits their aesthetics, others focus more on sentimental value and meaning when choosing artwork for their homes.”

Women prefer sticking to a home decor budget

35 percent of women expressed an interest in spontaneous grooming, while 27 percent of men preferred redecorating at most twice a year. More than half (52%) of women also admit that they are more price conscious when choosing new items for the home, compared to just 37% of men.

When it comes to decorating children’s rooms, the majority of parents (60%) allow their children to decide the design theme. 46 percent would buy an item for their children’s room if their young child found it inspiring.

The results also show that name recognition has some influence in interior design—73 percent are more likely to choose a piece of art if they are familiar with the artist.

“The beauty of art is truly in the eye of the beholder. While some people specifically look for pieces to pair with their existing décor, others discover artwork simply because it catches their eye. Today’s consumer wants to be surrounded by art that inspires and feel connected to it,” adds a Minted spokesperson. “We’re always thinking about how we can help decor-conscious clients and interior designers find the perfect art for their spaces.”

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