Is a smart faucet worth it?

While we’re still far from driving, our homes are getting smarter every year. From lights that we can control with our voices, to speakers that will play music with a verbal command, there are all kinds of ways we’ve been able to add intelligence in the home. While some smart home innovations seem logical, others may seem unjustified, and the smart faucet may seem like one of them.

What is a smart faucet?

Simply put, a smart faucet connects to Wi-Fi to allow voice control or remote control of the water flow in your kitchen. When paired with a companion app for easy setup, usually linked to Google or Alexa for voice control, these faucets aren’t smart. We recently reviewed U by Moen smart faucet. For more information on how this faucet works and what it can do, read our detailed review.

However, if you’re wondering why you need to talk to your water, you’re not alone.

It seems somewhat silly to ask to turn on or off a tap while you’re standing right next to it, handy in most cases. Perhaps surprisingly, though, the smart faucet has many useful applications that you might not expect.

Turn the water to temperature

One of the most convenient things a smart faucet can do is turn the water on to a certain temperature. If you want cold water for a drink, or as hot water as you can get for a cleaning task, you can ask a smart faucet to be specific. Simply saying, “Hey Alexa, ask Moen to turn on the hot water” will allow your faucet to deliver water to the highest temperature available.

Hand washing time

In our new germ-conscious age, the importance of hand washing cannot be understated, but most of us cut the time it takes to really clean our fingers. By asking the smart faucet to start the hand washing function, the faucet will turn on to allow you to wet your hands, then turn off while you lather, and then turn on again at the exact time you have to finish soaping for a good rinse.

Measuring water for recipes

One of the best uses of the Smart Flick is to get rid of your measuring cups. With the phrase “OK Google, ask Moen to pour 1 cup of water,” you can add minute amounts of water to recipes, drinks, and more.

Need to fill a large bowl with three gallons of water? Put the pot in the sink and ask. When you reach the specified amount, the water stops by itself; There is no excess or incomplete filling.

Create easy presets to avoid wasting water

You can take measurements one step further with a smart tap. Some smart taps, such as U by Moen, allow you to store measurements for commonly packed items. This is very convenient because, for example, you can put the dog bowl in the sink, say, “Alexa, fill the dog bowl”, and then walk away without excess water running off. Likewise, presets for baby bottles, watering cans, and ice cube trays will be similarly easy and waste-free—particularly in dry or drought-prone areas of the country.

What about the cost?

Fill the dog's water bowl with U by MOen precisely measured water.

Anyone who has bought a new faucet in the past several years knows that it probably costs more than you expected. Kitchen faucets aren’t cheap, and depending on the style you choose, special finishes, and whether you want special features like a commercial sprayer, you can pay from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand.

With that in mind, a smart faucet comes in somewhere in the middle of this price range. Of course, you pay more for smart technology, and you can upgrade (or downgrade) your Honda Civic to Cadillac finish if you want.

Another consideration when choosing a smart tap is that you’ll need a smart speaker, and whether you choose Google’s Nest Audio, Hub, or Amazon’s Echo Show 10 or Show 15, it should be within walking distance of the tap so there’s no need to shout commands across the room.

Is a smart faucet worth it?

It has been U from Muen A smart faucet has been in my house for about a year now. I can definitely tell you there is a honeymoon phase where you’ll show off your intellitap precision by pouring shots of water, filling a watering jug for your dinner party guests.

I rely on it a lot more on a daily basis today than I initially did, but it’s still incredibly convenient, especially when my measuring cups are all in the dishwasher.

I’m also using it to multitask a bit: I’ll put the dog’s water bowl in the sink and ask to fill it while the dishwasher is emptying, and because I’m forever distracted, the water turns off automatically so it doesn’t happen to not run constantly.

In short, a smart faucet will not change your life and you will not recycle those measuring cups. But for a nominal extra cost over a traditional faucet, a smart faucet can be a handy kitchen helper.

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