Irv Gordon, Guinness World Record holder who put 3.2 million miles on his Volvo P1800, dies

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Irv Gordon, who bought a new Volvo P1800S in 1966 and drove it to a Guinness World Records record 3.2 million miles, has died. He was 77 years old.

Gordon did not plan to become the Guinness World Record holder. like he said wired Back in 2010 – when his Volvo showed just 2.8 million miles – he simply wanted reliable driving after having bad luck with the all-new Corvair. “I loved the look of the car and the way it rode, but it broke down four blocks from the showroom the night I bought it,” he said of Chevy.

In June of 1966, Gordon walked to Wolfeville in Huntington, New York, and test-driven the P1800S. He loved it, even if the $4,150 sticker price was roughly an entire year’s salary for a high school science teacher. He said, “I borrowed money from my father, traded in my Corvair and bought a new one” wired. “It was a Wednesday. That Friday night I picked the car and have had it since.”

At first, Gordon was happy to simply drive, a lot – his daily commute was 125 miles, and he loved a road trip. Gordon didn’t start striving for maximum mileage until after his car had hit 250,000 miles. “I wrote to Volvo,” he said. wired. “I’ve never had a car repaired once. Maintenance, yes, but I’ve never had to remove a water pump or anything like that. They texted me back with a very short message saying, ‘We’re happy for you’ Be happy with the product Don’t forget to link seat belt. ”

He wrote another letter 500,000 miles away. At the million-mile mark, Volvo gave Gordon a brand-new 780 Coupe, drove it 450,000 miles and sold it.

At a distance of 1.69 million miles, in 1998, Gordon set the first Guinness World Record for “highest certified miles driven by original owner in non-commercial service.” It hit two million in 2002. Over the years, he’s rebuilt the engine twice. The first time was at 680,000 miles – the dealer said the car didn’t need it, but Gordon insisted. “As they said, there was nothing wrong,” Gordon said. wired. “I learned my lesson.” The second rebuild came, in 2009, after Gordon had some trouble getting the car up the steep slopes of the Rocky Mountains. And there were some repairs to the chassis, after the hauler destroyed the Volvo Gordon while it was being shipped to SEMA. Since then, Gordon insisted on driving the car himself, no matter where it appeared.

The three million mile mark came at 4 p.m. on September 18, 2013, near Girdwood, Alaska. Yes, Gordon was still cruising on the road. The last mileage update for Gordon’s Facebook page was 3,250,257, in May 2018.

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Erf Gordon’s refined flair for automobiles, his dedication to do-it-yourself maintenance, and his love for the open road are all that we car lovers stand for. Our condolences go out to his family, friends and fans around the world.

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