Investigators arrest a man accused of shooting on the road in 2021 near I-5 in Tacoma

Investigators have arrested a man accused of shooting another driver in an apparent road rage case last year in Tacoma.

According to the Washington State Patrol, guides who viewed this story on FOX 13 have identified the suspect as Rodney Hebert. After studying the case for a year, investigators arrested Hibbert on May 6 in Seattle.

Hebert is accused of shooting a man in the leg on May 28, 2021 on the slope of I-5 at E. 28th St.

The driver’s moment of kindness backfired and almost cost him his life when another driver shot him for taking a brief moment to hand some money to someone in need.

“He recognized someone in his special situation and had a little extra to give, so he did something kind and generous and we need more of that so we shouldn’t be penalized for doing something kind,” the Washington State Police Patrol Det said. Brock Buffa.

The victim had experienced vagrancy himself at one point, so when he saw someone in need in the corner in front of the Emerald Queen casino, he took a few seconds to roll out of his window and give him some extra change.

That didn’t sit well with the impatient driver in the dark blue Kia Optima behind him who started to honk and yell at him.

Surveillance video from May 28 shows the victim driving forward, with both drivers passing through to the right, but the driver behind him was still furious. Then he ran to the side of the victim and opened fire.

“Our victim had a bullet wound to the leg, multiple gunshot wounds to his car and narrowly escaped death from a bullet lodged near his head in the roof of his car,” Dett said. Buffa.

Investigators found security footage of the suspect receiving gas moments before the shooting.

“On May 5, 2022, a warning of Heibert’s arrest was published among Washington State law enforcement,” WSP wrote in a press release. “A collaborative team of WSP investigators and SWAT members orchestrated a plan to locate and capture Hebert in the safest way possible. The next day, Puget Sound Auto Theft Taskforce investigators monitored Hebert and followed him to his workplace in downtown Seattle. He noticed he was walking down the street After his car was stopped. WSP SWAT arrested Hebert professionally and without incident. A firearm was found on Hebert’s person, which was not branded or used during the arrest.”

Hebert was charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault and wrongful possession of a first-degree firearm.

Prosecutors requested that bail be set at $500,000, but the judge decided to release bail at $100,000. Hebert was released on bail on Tuesday.

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