Imran took a BMW 150 million rupee pistol with the watch: Marium

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marium Aurangzeb claimed on Sunday that former Prime Minister Imran Khan had taken a 150 million rupee bomb-proof BMW and a pistol, along with a valuable wristwatch from the Prime Minister’s home.

She said at a press conference here that Imran Khan is still getting money from the public treasury to repair the car. She said the gun that Imran Khan took was not even declared in Toshakhana.

She gave details of the anti-bomb vehicle, noting that only the Prime Minister could keep cars in his use, as per the law. But Omran took a BMW X5 on his way out, which was essentially a car from the Prime Minister’s Office gathering of foreign delegations. Imran insisted that he wanted to keep this car, even though he made a fuss about expensive cars in the prime minister’s house. But when it came to his own well-being, he had no moral issues taking that car for himself.

“The price of this car in 2016 was 30 million rupees, which is now 60 million rupees, and if the bomb and bullet resistance of this car is taken into account, it is now about 150 million rupees.” Two months later, Imran sent the car requesting to the Cabinet that the car had some defects; Therefore, it must be replaced with a V8. This is the truth behind the shallow, shallow mentality of this man who accuses others of corruption while still trying to use public money to fix his car even after his removal from office.”

It also revealed that instead of authorizing and presenting a pistol gifted by another country’s diplomat in Tuchakhana, Imran “smuggled” this weapon to Pakistan and kept it with himself. She claimed that Imran is not just a thief for the Achakhana, but a thief by nature.

These are some of the things, the proofs have been tracked and there is more to come and Imran will have to provide answers to these things. Today, high prices, unemployment and poverty are caused by the incompetence and incompetence of Imran Khan’s government.

The minister said that Farah Jogi was his first persona in Punjab and that was the reason why Usman Bozdar “Deaf and Dumb” was the chief minister of the province and Shahzad Akbar was his chief in the prime minister’s house, and he was not the chief of the asset recovery unit but of the asset making unit. Where was it today she asked.

The minister claimed that both Farah Jogi and Shahzad Akbar paid for the gifts, which he kept from Tushakhana, and added that he was the first prime minister who sold gifts to those nations that gave those gifts. Imran was accused of abusing his powers, he kept the gifts by 20 percent and then increased their value by up to 50 percent to keep them in the future.

“Imran was very upset by the investigation of Farah Gujar, because tales of corruption and blackmail of Farah Gujjar and Shehzad Akbar were rooted in Bani Jala, and dozens of references based on hundreds of forged and forged documents that were waved at press conferences were all smashed by the courts and,” she added: PTI door display.

She said there has been a multi-billion increase in Farah Joji’s assets in the past four years, and by receiving bribes, appointments, transfers, and development projects have been launched.

She added that because of this reason, Imran wanted to cling to power in the middle and Punjab, and he knows and fears evidence of his own corruption and the corruption of his co-workers will emerge. She asked, “Today, Imran says that a case cannot be filed against Farah Joji, because she was not holding a public position, and I asked him about the office held by Maryam Nawaz for being politically abused and imprisoned.”

She also alleged that by taking money from the mills, Imran indulged in sugar and flour scandals. The minister asked where are those five million homes, 10 million jobs, while Imran was blaming others until today and saying people will get out. “Yes, people will go out but to wreath your shoes. You have spoiled relations with all Muslim countries, displeased their rulers with your behaviour, and used foreign policy for the sake of your negative mind.”

The minister claimed that by using all state institutions, Imran could not prove the corruption of a single penny against Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and other leaders and wasting previous resources and the nation’s time for personal revenge.

From the propaganda press conferences of Shehzad Akbar to private meetings with David Rose and the false stories published in the Daily Mail and the imprisonment of Muslim League leaders in death cells on trumped-up charges, Imran has tried everything in his power to harass and persecute the opposition. .

She noted that the PTI chief used public money to pursue his political abuse by paying Broadsheet which also said that there is no evidence of Shahbaz Sharif’s wrongdoing or other sin of his family. Imran and Shahzad paid the UK’s largest national crime agency and gave them all the alleged evidence. However, they were also embarrassed there, after two years of thorough investigation, the National Constituent Assembly said that there was no evidence of any money laundering against Shahbaz Sharif, Hamza Shahbaz and other family members accused by Imran.

She stressed that the government of Shahbaz Sharif is working day and night to prevent inflation from skyrocketing due to the conditions that Imran signed with the International Monetary Fund. She added that the state of unloading the loads and the state of the economy that Imran obliterated was an inexplicable chaos. But she stressed that the government is doing its best to solve this crisis. She pointed out that in just two and a half weeks, 27 Shahbaz Sharif power stations were restored, which helped reduce the scattering of loads.

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